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Line breaks: pseudo|morph
Pronunciation: /ˈsjuːdə(ʊ)mɔːf


A crystal consisting of one mineral but having the form of another.
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  • In one isolated occurrence, aggregates of small cerussite crystals form pseudomorphs, less than 2 mm across, after an unknown mineral.
  • The idea that tiger's-eye is a pseudomorph - a mineral in which crystals of one material take on the form of another, which it replaces atom by atom - held sway for more than 125 years.
  • Amazing and fantastic forms of representatives of the mineral world are displayed in the exhibitions dedicated to crystals, mineral aggregates, and pseudomorphs.


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Replace (another substance) to form a pseudomorph: actinolite and hornblende typically pseudomorph pyroxene
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  • Andalusite porphyroblasts that overgrow the S 1 fabric were pseudomorphed by colourless mica.
  • Foord reported that bastnasite has been found pseudomorphing allanite.
  • Relict coarse, lath-shaped omphacites are variably preserved, but all are either partially retrogressed to pargasite or have been pseudomorphed by diopside-plagioclase symplectites.


mid 19th century: from pseudo- 'false' + Greek morphē 'form'.



Pronunciation: /-ˈmɔːfɪk/
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  • Any or all of these carbonate minerals may have acted as the now-replaced parent to the well-known pseudomorphic, rhombohedral replacements by hematite and goethite.
  • As the dimensions of materials are reduced to the nanometer scale, the stabilization of pseudomorphic crystal structures that differ from their bulk equilibrium phases can occur. The pseudomorphic growth could provide a substantially larger bulk modulus and greater hardness than the average of the constituent materials in nanolayered and nanocomposite thin films.


Pronunciation: /-ˈmɔːfɪz(ə)m/
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  • Although this is not a particularly quantitative test, it does show that complete pseudomorphism (quartz sand after calcite) had not occurred for these two specimens.
  • The absence of euhedral crystals of phillipsite, even by SEM examination, suggests that the alteration may be a form of pseudomorphism.


Pronunciation: /-ˈmɔːfəs/
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  • Whenever this layer is found, collectors know to look carefully below it for highly silicified wood and nodules (either as agate fortifications or pseudomorphous replacement of barite concretions).
  • The outer zone of the alteration halo is most extensively developed in the semi-pelitic schists, and is manifested by the pseudomorphous replacement of biotite by chlorite, rutile and quartz, and feldspar by sericite.

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