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Pronunciation: /ˈkwɪəri

noun (plural queries)

1A question, especially one expressing doubt or requesting information: if you have any queries please telephone our office
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  • His second query concerned the request from residents, whose property faces onto the Fairgreen at the rear, to have a footpath installed behind their houses.
  • Those who have a query, are seeking information or wish to register a complaint and are unsure whom to contact, may call the North West
  • The station now has more staff to deal with queries and give out information and there are 15 CCTV cameras operating 24 hours-a-day to help ensure passenger safety.
interrogation, examination
British informal quiz, quizzing
doubt, uncertainty, question, question mark, reservation, suspicion;
1.1chiefly Printing A question mark.

verb (queries, querying, queried)

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1Ask a question about something, especially in order to express one’s doubts about it or to check its validity or accuracy: [with clause]: many people queried whether any harm had been done [with object]: I rang the water company to query my bill [with direct speech]: ‘Why not?’ he queried
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  • ‘I'll be querying whether these new revelations relate to matters that should be declared under the ministerial code,’ said Theresa May, shadow leader of the house.
  • Two residents from Bridge End Cottages had written to Settle Town Council querying whether the football field was the right location, but the council has yet to discuss the letter.
  • Replays showed Jayawardene took the low catch on the half-volley and home umpire Asoka de Silva referred to square-leg colleague Dave Orchard to query whether the catch had been taken cleanly.
ask, enquire, question
British informal quiz
question, call in/into question, doubt, raise/entertain doubts about, throw doubt on, have/harbour/express suspicions about, suspect, feel uneasy about, have/harbour/express reservations about, challenge, dispute, cast aspersions on, object to, raise objections to
1.1 [with object] chiefly North American Put a question or questions to (someone): when these officers were queried, they felt unhappy
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  • And after querying a few people on the subject, I learned that there had been a recent death in the family.
  • We recently have sent out questionnaire to query our Japanese readers about their reactions to our magazine and products.
  • She's been watching things from there, querying military leaders there about how this fits into the overall tactics and strategies for the U.S.


mid 17th century: anglicized form of the Latin imperative quaere!, used in the 16th century in English as a verb in the sense 'inquire' and as a noun meaning 'query', from Latin quaerere 'ask, seek'.

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