Definition of quite in English:

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Pronunciation: /kwʌɪt/


[usually as submodifier]
1To the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely: it’s quite out of the question are you quite certain about this? this is quite a different problem I quite agree quite frankly, I don’t blame you
More example sentences
  • These people have absolutely no power in it and quite frankly I think it's a waste of time.
  • He is one of the richest characters in the whole of the Wodehouse creation, absolutely rounded and quite without flaw.
  • Here the facts are quite complex and quite different from the residential construction cases.
completely, fully, entirely, totally, wholly, absolutely, utterly, outright, thoroughly, altogether, in every respect, in all respects, without reservation, without exception
1.1US Very; really (used as an intensifier): ‘You’ve no intention of coming back?’ ‘I’m quite sorry, but no, I have not.’
More example sentences
  • The shadow effects and lighting are quite intense here, and it did put a burden on the card.
  • That is why we took quite seriously these particular clauses with regard to biosecurity, and we do so now.
  • We all know how dangerous a hot car can be for an animal - the risk of death is quite real.
1.2West Indian All the way: dresses quite from Port of Spain
2To a certain or fairly significant extent or degree; fairly: it’s quite warm outside he’s quite an attractive man
More example sentences
  • It is quite warm outside under the canopy as well, with a very effective heater thoughtfully placed there.
  • It's still fairly big and quite bulky but we're gradually getting there.
  • We have invested quite a significant amount of money into the Scottish whisky industry.
fairly, rather, somewhat, a bit, a little, slightly, relatively, comparatively, moderately, after a fashion, reasonably, to some extent/degree, to a certain extent
informal pretty, kind of, sort of, ish


(also quite so) Expressing agreement with or understanding of a remark or statement: ‘I don’t want to talk about that now.’ ‘Quite’
More example sentences
  • His most recent album is best described by Albini himself: ‘Nick Drake fronting Black Sabbath, if Black Sabbath played only the good parts of their songs’. Quite!
  • ‘Lovely evening, isn't it?’ ‘Quite,’ he replied.
  • ‘They don't really have any choice.’ ‘Quite so, but that's not exactly a democratic attitude, is it?’



not quite

Not completely or entirely: my hair’s not quite dry she hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet
More example sentences
  • We are not leaving the team as it is because it is pretty obvious it's not quite up to scratch.
  • I quite like these composers, but not quite as much I want to like them, if you get me.
  • It was one of those mornings when you half wake up but not quite all the way.

not quite the thing

Not well, healthy, or normal: I’m afraid Oliver isn’t feeling quite the thing this morning
2.1Socially unacceptable: it wouldn’t be quite the thing to turn up in a raincoat and wellies

quite a —— (also often ironic quite the ——)

Used to indicate that the specified person or thing is perceived as particularly notable, remarkable, or impressive: quite a party, isn’t it? quite the little horsewoman, aren’t you?
More example sentences
  • There was quite the little gong show to prep for the party.
  • He is quite the ladies' man, always chasing the girls.
  • Sure, it wasn't quite the indulgences of our 20's.

quite a few

see few.

quite a lot (or a bit)

A considerable number or amount of something: my job involves quite a lot of travel he’s quite a bit older than she is
More example sentences
  • It took ten times the amount of energy and quite a bit of time to learn even the basics.
  • Over the past few days I have done quite a lot of press, radio and little bits of television as well.
  • There were quite a lot of them, so they were cheap, but they were obviously hand-made.

quite some

1A considerable amount of: she hasn’t been seen for quite some time
More example sentences
  • Stored this way, fish from the tropics will last quite some considerable time in cold storage, at least five days.
  • I have listened to you and you have gone to quite some considerable length to make the same point twice.
  • It caused quite some considerable difficulty during the previous separation.
2 informal way of saying quite a —— . Old Darlington was quite some place to live in
More example sentences
  • Adding the chapter would have been quite some way of getting back at the bad guys.
  • Given the group's notoriously bitter and protracted split a decade ago, this was quite some achievement.
  • When you think back through the past 20 years, that is quite some statement.

quite something


Middle English: from the obsolete adjective quite, variant of quit1.

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