Definition of ravenous in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈrav(ə)nəs/


1Extremely hungry: I’d been out all day and was ravenous
More example sentences
  • At that spot, they found a dead deer, still steaming, and took hungry, ravenous bites out of it.
  • I am secretly a ravenous animal for compliments
  • Mr. Numan walked in attracted by the smells of fine dinner on the table, collapsed at his chair, and ate some food like a ravenous animal.
very hungry, starving, starved, famished
informal with one's stomach cleaving to one's backbone
rare sharp-set, esurient
1.1(Of hunger or need) very great; voracious: a ravenous appetite
More example sentences
  • Arrive before you have built up a ravenous hunger.
  • The size of a hornet hive grows quickly as the season progresses - and so does the ravenous hunger of the young hornets.
  • He didn't even notice the ravenous hunger that made his stomach rumble in silent agony.
voracious, insatiable, ravening, wolfish;
greedy, gluttonous, gannet-like
literary insatiate
rare edacious



Pronunciation: /ˈrav(ə)nəsli/
Example sentences
  • As we eat ravenously, chipmunks scavenge for crumbs.
  • She ate ravenously, as if unaccustomed to plentiful food - as indeed she was.
  • And inevitably, watching these shows makes you ravenously hungry.


Example sentences
  • Within this unapologetic ravenousness, modestly scaled galleries remain among the few institutions that offer the hope of artistic refuge, drawing in enough of the locals to support a token sense of regionalism.
  • By impartially observing my ravenousness and making light of my food desires, I am dissolving my mental hunger pangs.
  • As their ravenousness for power grew, their cities began to fall apart.


Late Middle English: from Old French ravineus, from raviner 'to ravage' (see raven2).

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