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Pronunciation: /rɪˈmɪt
(remits, remitting, remitted) [with object]
  • 2Send (money) in payment or as a gift: the income they remitted to their families
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    • There is, however, no doubt that mistakes can occur where money is remitted by means of a money-transfer order.
    • Money is also remitted to families from relatives in New Zealand.
    • Demands for payment were made and a partial payment was remitted.
    send, dispatch, forward, transmit, convey; pay, hand over, make payment of
  • 3Refer (a matter for decision) to an authority: the request for an investigation was remitted to a special committee
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    • The relief sought is quashing of the Inspector's decision, and remitting the matter to the Secretary of State.
    • The appropriate course for me to take is to remit the matter to the disciplinary committee.
    • It is for him to decide, if I remit the matter to him, that particular issue.
    pass (on), refer, send on, transfer, hand on, direct, assign, commit, entrust
  • 3.1 Law Send back (a case) to a lower court.
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    • The amendments were made, then the case was remitted in that form.
    • So you say if we took this matter on, allowed the appeal and remitted the matter to the Court of Appeal to seek a recalculation, it would not necessarily involve any amount of money at all?
    • I presume at some stage the question will arise whether, if the Full Court's approach was flawed, this Court should do more than set aside its order and remit the matter to it?
  • 3.2 Law Send (someone) from one tribunal to another for a trial or hearing: it remits an offender to another court after convicting him
  • 3.3 archaic Postpone: the movers refused Mr Tierney’s request to remit the motion
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    postpone, defer, put off, put back, shelve, delay, hold over/off, stand over, suspend, prorogue, reschedule, keep in abeyance; North American put over, lay on the table, table; North American Law continue
    informal put on the back burner, put on ice, put in cold storage
    rare respite
  • 3.4 archaic Consign again to a previous state: thus his indiscretion remitted him to the nature of an ordinary person


Pronunciation: /ˈriːmɪt
, rɪˈmɪt
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  • 1chiefly British The task or area of activity officially assigned to an individual or organization: the committee was becoming caught up in issues that did not fall within its remit
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    • In addition, it reviewed one appeal against the decision by the Head of Programme Complaints that a complaint did not fall within the remit of the Programme Complaints Unit, which was not upheld.
    • Covert video surveillance was research; it has been published as research and therefore did fall within the remit of the inquiry.
    • Under its remit, the Task Force is expected to carry out a full review of academic employment in the University.
    area of responsibility, area of activity, sphere, orbit, scope, ambit, province, territory, realm, department, turf; brief, instructions, orders
    informal bailiwick
  • 2An item referred to someone for consideration: a remit on the question failed



Pronunciation: /rɪˈmɪtəb(ə)l/
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  • The net tax remittable to the Receiver General of $10000 is considered to have been remitted on January 29, 2007.
  • Proceeds from the sale of assets in South Africa owned by a non-resident are remittable to the non-resident.


Pronunciation: /rɪˈmɪt(ə)l/
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  • Your Honour, may I respond to a couple of the points of my learned friend in regard to the issue of remittal to the Federal Court, or do you think that is unnecessary?
  • So you say, one, there cannot be remittal because of section 476 and, secondly, you say in any event the matter should be dismissed?
  • Again, on page 20 at about line 5 his Honour repeats that and also mentions that there are in excess of about 100 matters still in the High Court awaiting remittal.


Pronunciation: /rɪmɪˈtiː/
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  • A remitter shall deduct and withhold from each payment of oil and gas proceeds being made to a remittee an amount equal to the rate specified in Subsection C of this section multiplied by the gross amount that otherwise would have been payable to the remittee.
  • A remittance system in a financial institution automatically generates a temporary remittance account based on the contents of a remittance, and clears the temporary remittance account after a remittee withdraws the remittance with a proper procedure.


Pronunciation: /rɪˈmɪtə/
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  • Slightly more than one half of the 290 patients who had ECT continued in the study as remitters.
  • The large number of married remitters suggests that in some cases weavers are remitting to spouses who do not live in Kathmandu, rather than to parental households.
  • Further, in the alternative, if your Honour is against me on all of those arguments, we would say quite simply that the only costs that could be considered to be unnecessary would be the costs of the application for remitter.


late Middle English: from Latin remittere 'send back, restore', from re- 'back' + mittere 'send'. The noun dates from the early 20th century.

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