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Line breaks: re|quest
Pronunciation: /rɪˈkwɛst


1An act of asking politely or formally for something: a request for information the club’s excursion was postponed at the request of some of the members
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  • The funds raised remain in the specific country and when funds are required for an operation of a patient, then the company formally sends in a request for funds.
  • The company expects to receive a formal request for documents or a subpoena in the next few days.
  • If you haven't received something from an institution for some time, it may mean your request for change of address may not have been processed.
1.1A thing that is asked for: to have our ideas taken seriously is surely a reasonable request
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  • These are reasonable requests, as Stursberg genially points out, but when he first raised the issue, some film-makers thought he was asking them to walk on water.
  • Though admittedly this was not a breakthrough idea, it was a reasonable request, so Smith's office worked with the airman to implement a solution.
  • How could Congress reject such a reasonable request?
requirement, wish, want, desire; choice; Latindesideratum
1.2An instruction to a computer to provide information or perform another function: the computer is busy servicing requests from other processes
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  • The tricky part, explains Hsu, is making sure that every information request made by a Web page is routed through SafeWeb's secure servers.
  • Next up an embarrassed apology of sorts as I inadvertently hit the update button on my address book filer program as a result it sprang into action issuing obscure requests and information v-cards to all and sundry.
  • However, it had to be done while processing requests for data and processing other users who were submitting data for analysis.
1.3A tune or song played on a radio programme, typically accompanied by a personal message, in response to a listener’s request.
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  • Listeners' requests may or may not have made a difference.
  • It was initially leaked to a US radio station earlier this year, and listeners immediately flooded Djs with requests to hear it.
  • In the spirit of trying to personalize the listening experience, both XM and Sirius have made it possible for people to contact DJs and programmers with feedback and requests.
1.4 [mass noun] archaic The state of being sought after: human intelligence, which is in constant request in a family


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1Politely or formally ask for: he received the information he had requested [with clause]: the chairman requested that the reports be considered
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  • So he sends an e-mail to both his customer marketing manager and his category management analyst requesting information from their recent consumer segmentation research about marketing to moms and gatekeepers.
  • But he said the reduction in the extra time available to local authorities to decide on an application after requesting additional information had serious staffing implications.
  • Lawyers in the Caymans say that if the Irish inspectors are requesting the information as a result of an investigation into tax evasion, the legal framework will not allow the disclosure of information.
ask for, appeal for, call for, seek, solicit, plead for, put in a plea for, pray for, petition, sue for, supplicate for; apply for, put in an application for, put in for, place an order for, put in an order for, order; demand, require, requisition; call on, beg, beseech, entreat, implore, importune, adjure; invite, bid
rare obtest, impetrate, obsecrate
1.1 [with infinitive] Politely or formally ask (someone) to do something: the letter requested him to report to London
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  • We were sometimes requested to play nothing but tangos the whole evening.
  • As demand theory predicts, the higher the premium or amount a consumer is requested to pay, the less likely a consumer will be willing to pay the premium.
  • We are then requested to look amongst ourselves for a suitable replacement for a member of the performance cast who apparently resigned from the production.


Middle English: from Old French requeste (noun), based on Latin requirere (see require).


by (or on) request

In response to an expressed wish: application forms are available on request
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  • But cassette and video recorders are usually available on request or at least by arrangement.
  • Don't list references or state, ‘References available on request.’
  • Information on stress cracks, starch, protein, and oil is available on request for a fee since they have been classified as ‘official criteria.’



(also requestor) noun
More example sentences
  • This means that if an agency stores its information electronically, it would no longer be able to inundate requesters with paper records.
  • Ministers prefer to leave the problem to be resolved in the courts, where disappointed placing requesters can appeal.
  • The money is then taken from the estate and used to pay the requester.

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