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Line breaks: re|sidual
Pronunciation: /rɪˈzɪdjʊəl


  • 1Remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone: the withdrawal of residual occupying forces
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    • ‘The only specific enemy forces will be residual local forces, but it is a dangerous and challenging environment, of that there is no doubt,’ said a senior MoD source.
    • The details that began to filter back to company HQ were immediately positive as the residual forces of McCarthy were comprehensively defeated in all theatres.
    • The fact that common law now occupies only a residual role in relation to competition law generally may be attributed to several factors.
  • 1.1(Of a quantity) left after other items have been subtracted: residual income after tax and mortgage payments
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    • It turns out that this is simply a residual category obtained by subtracting both groups from the total population.
    • What you are still entitled to from the partnership will give you one of two possible results for tax purposes: You may be left with either a residual interest or an income interest.
    • At the moment parents of students are expected to contribute up to £1, 100 a year towards the cost of tuition fees if their residual income is more than about £20,000.
  • 1.2(Of a physical state or property) remaining after the removal of or present in the absence of a causative agent: residual stenosis
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    • Only in the presence of residual features of physical abuse (such as fractures), along with identifiable risk factors, would non-accidental injury be considered.
    • The treatment of choice is early surgical removal with intensive chemotherapy and radiation therapy to ablate residual microscopic disease.
    • They are usually used when angiography shows a stenosis that is of intermediate severity, or to determine the functional severity of a residual stenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention.
  • 1.3(Of an experimental or arithmetical error) not accounted for or eliminated.
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    • All the above-mentioned parametric analyses were checked for and displayed normally distributed residual errors.
    • As experienced in the study involving the natural MA lines, the distributions of residual errors for both characters were nonnormal, as noted above.
    • The residual error in both of these fits is small, indicating that the same spectral components can fit these measurements at both temperatures.
  • 1.4(Of a soil or other deposit) formed in situ by weathering.
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    • Later research was able to involve a greater concentration on, and technical knowledge of, residual deposits and weathering products associated with particular surfaces.
    • A similar effect can be created by perched water tables formed by silty or clayey layers of low permeability within alluvial soils, or cemented layers in weathered, residual soils.
    • The last contain residual soil (terra rossa), and are then filled with marine sediment of the overlying strata.


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  • 1A quantity remaining after other things have been subtracted or allowed for: the Keynesian component is clearly a residual which is arrived at by subtracting the natural and classical components from overall unemployment
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    • The danger with installing many programs and then uninstalling is that some residuals often remain behind.
    • First, rent collection techniques must be sensitive to market cycles and collect only the residual that remains after allowing normal returns to capital and labor.
    • Shrimp with positive chela residuals produce significantly more open chela displays than shrimp with negative chela residuals.
  • 1.1A difference between a value measured in a scientific experiment and the theoretical or true value.
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    • The normal probability plot of residuals against their expected values when the distribution is normal suggested that the error distribution was almost normal.
    • Also, the path shape may change within the range of time scales used in the study; this will appear as a U- or inverted U-shaped pattern in a plot of residuals vs. expected values.
    • In the next step, we removed the effect of body mass prior to testing for regional differences by using residuals from a regression of each of the two variables on body mass.
  • 1.2 Geology A portion of rocky or high ground remaining after erosion: the eroded residuals of reefs built in relation to earlier, higher sea levels
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    • In seasonally wet tropical areas, tower karst hills are often residuals from past wetter climates and tend to have their caves partially filled by secondary calcite deposits.
    • Furthermore, although the recent concentration on residuals and surfaces is fully understandable, it appears timely to reconsider the evidence provided by larger known bodies of Tertiary sediment.
    • These grains were not affected by the Variscan anatexis, so we consider them as residual.
  • 2A royalty paid to a performer, writer, etc. for a repeat of a play, television show, etc.: she has been awarded more than $4.5 million in residuals and profits from the highly successful television show
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    • Outstanding issues include improved residuals for film and television productions and repeat fees for TV productions.
    • Writers' residuals for original programming on basic cable, ranging from series such as Lifetime Television's ‘Any Day Now’ to telepics for Disney Channel, will also be bumped up.
    • The disputes centre on what are known as residuals - essentially royalties.
  • 3The resale value of a new car or other item at a specified time after purchase, expressed as a percentage of its purchase price: the federation wants car tax taken out over five years to avoid residuals being hit
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    • The value of their residuals would suffer accordingly.
    • The attraction of this option is that the car is given guaranteed value, called a residual, at the end of the fixed term contract.
    • Search the internet for the residuals on the BMW and you will find they are fairly high.



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  • To be specific, modeling consumer confidence as a state-space system - which, in a sense, defines the non-economic component residually in a sophisticated way - permits indirect inferences to be made.
  • No doubt members of an oral or residually oral society, however, have greater powers of memory than those in a literate culture, who have let such capacities atrophy.
  • There is something residually haughty in its demeanour, something defiantly unvulgar in the pride with which it stands on its regal, multi-spoked wheels.

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