Definition of rocker in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈrɒkə/


1A person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music: a punk rocker
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  • The photogenic New Wave mannequins and hair metal rockers that the channel enjoyed such success with in the '80s were being replaced by grunge and alternative artists.
  • He kicked the jack-of-all-trades route to the curb, got himself a band, and made a quick metamorphosis into a brash rocker.
  • About the closest I could relate to it was my teenage days as a Goth rocker, when my girlfriend used to put some white face on me to take away my tan, and we wore all black.
1.1A rock song: the collection kick-starts with a great rocker, Wired All Night
More example sentences
  • The soundtrack disc includes vintage rockers by Sweet and Girlschool and new songs by Creeper, a band fronted by the one and only Dean.
  • The overall pace is so even you scarcely notice when the odd rocker slips by, creating a slightly flatter feel than the songs deserve.
1.2British A young person, especially in the 1960s, belonging to a subculture characterized by leather clothing, riding motorcycles, and a liking for rock music.
2A rocking device forming part of a mechanism, especially one for controlling the positions of brushes in a dynamo.
3A curved bar or similar support on which something such as a chair or cradle can rock.
3.1A rocking chair: he sat in his rocker and went to sleep
More example sentences
  • As far as I know, ‘Auntie ‘did nothing all day but sit in a rocker and crochet multi-colored shawls and comforters and stuff like that.’
  • Next to the photo was a smaller model of the Halston rocker, a kind of splayed chair with a narrow back that looked terribly uncomfortable.
  • Pull your rocker onto the back porch, or spread your blanket on the roof, turn on the fan and enjoy the quiet.
4 [mass noun] The amount of curvature in the longitudinal contour of a boat or surfboard: the hull lines are classic with considerable rocker


off one's rocker

informal Mad: he looked so strange she thought he was off his rocker
More example sentences
  • Dressed in the gaudiest of outfits and wearing a wig that appears to be made out of 13 poodles, Dennis is adorably loony and off her rocker.
  • You might have been considered off your rocker to buy one of these modernist homes.
  • When I got back home, my friends thought I was off my rocker.

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