Definition of round-nose in English:

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1(Of a tool) having the end rounded, so as to produce a rounded cut or surface or to prevent accidents or damage.
Example sentences
  • Using the felt-tip pen, mark the round-nose pliers 1/4 inch down from the tip.
  • Place your round-nose pliers against the top of your bead dangle at the 1/4-inch mark and bend the wire over to form a right angle.
  • Using round-nose pliers, unbend the wire handle ends inside the box and feed on large beads with large holes.
2(Of a bullet) having a rounded front end.
Example sentences
  • For shooters who like the classic long, lean 160 grain round-nose bullets, the quick twist should be adequate to stabilize them.
  • A lot of your customers own military-spec auto pistols in 9mm and .45 ACP that are designed to feed only full metal jacket round-nose ammunition.
  • You might have had a choice in the manufacturer, but there was a single weight - 158 g in a round-nose lead bullet - and they were loaded to the same velocity.


A bullet with a rounded front end.
Example sentences
  • An early Browning or your customer's cherished World War II Walther P-38 that might jam on any other hollowpoint, will feed this stuff if it feeds full-metal jacket round-nose.
  • Countless millions have sat glued to their televisions as Jerry fired six rounds, reloaded with a moon clip of round-nose .45 ACP, and fired six more - all hitting the target.



a round-nosed chisel round-nosed pliers
More example sentences
  • They claim there is no need for dagger-type knives with pointed tips to be used in the kitchen and want chefs and home cooks to use blunt, round-nosed knives instead.
  • The .44 Russian cartridge case was just under 1’ in length at .97’ and used a round-nosed bullet of approximately 245 grains, at a muzzle velocity of 750 fps.
  • The round-nosed, flat-point bullets now offered for cowboy shooting also work well in .44 Special sixguns be they of 200, 225 or 240 gr. weight.
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