Definition of rouse in English:

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Pronunciation: /raʊz/


[with object]
1Cause to stop sleeping: she was roused from a deep sleep by a hand on her shoulder
More example sentences
  • Joe was roused from his sleep by Azara promptly jumping on the bed and pulling on his arm.
  • The morning's first rays of sunlight flooded the tiny tower room, rousing Callista from her sleep.
  • On the other side of him, men, women, and children were rousing themselves from sleep and moving sluggishly to the fire to get warm.
wake, wake up, awaken, waken, arouse;
call, get up
informal give someone a shout, knock up
1.1 [no object] Cease to sleep or to be inactive; wake up: she roused and looked around
More example sentences
  • As he slowly stood up, Jeremy roused from his sleep.
  • Isabella roused from sleep what seemed like an eternity later, disturbed by something she could not identify.
  • He still hadn't roused from his sleep, and she was getting worried.
wake up, wake, awaken, come to, get up, get out of bed, rise, bestir oneself
formal arise
1.2Bring out of inactivity: once the enemy camp was roused, they would move on the castle she’d just stay a few more minutes, then rouse herself and go back
More example sentences
  • The racket was tremendous, and eventually caused Mara to rouse himself from study and look over the rails just as a fifty-foot high pillar roared past and set the sky alight with Imperial flame.
  • Any ruler who wishes to attain his noblest ends must rouse himself to follow the dictates of virtue in all his public acts.
  • Kara tried unsuccessfully to rouse herself from her stupor.
1.3Startle (game) from a lair or cover.
2Make angry or excited: the crowds were roused to fever pitch by the drama of the race
More example sentences
  • Roused to frenzy by the loss of his queen, the king goes in pursuit, belabouring whomsoever he finds and meeting with mortifying adventures.
  • Whether any of his American peers will be roused to diss him back at this point seems rather unlikely though.
  • Why is a huge crowd roused to frenzy by a football match?
stir up, excite, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, inspire, move, fire up, fire the enthusiasm of, fire the imagination of, get going, whip up, inflame, agitate, goad, provoke;
incite, egg on, spur on;
North American  light a fire under
rare inspirit
provoke, annoy, anger, make angry, infuriate, send into a rage, madden, incense, vex, irk, work up, exasperate
informal aggravate
2.1Give rise to (an emotion or feeling): his evasiveness roused my curiosity
More example sentences
  • From her comb, Oskar saw she had blond hair that had begun to fall out; this image roused feelings of love in Oskar.
  • This stimulation of thoughts about music can rouse those inner feelings which make perception in performance a growing and creative element.
  • Instead of rousing the readers' emotions by overt descriptions of violence, Visalam's novel concentrates more on the background to that violence.
arouse, awaken, give rise to, prompt, provoke, stimulate, pique, stir up, trigger, spark off, touch off, kindle, elicit
literary beget, enkindle
3Stir (a liquid, especially beer while brewing): rouse the beer as the hops are introduced





Pronunciation: /ˈraʊzə/
Example sentences
  • Thankfully, the lack of umpires and a couple of notorious rousers kept some traditions intact.
  • The show ended not with a hit, or a populist rouser, but two new Springsteen classic songs.
  • The event was a history-making rouser but proved to be virtually a one-night stand, since the unit folded within weeks.


Late Middle English (originally as a hawking and hunting term): probably from Anglo-Norman French, of unknown ultimate origin.

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