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Pronunciation: /ˈrʌdi

adjective (ruddier, ruddiest)

1(Of a person’s face) having a healthy red colour: a cheerful pipe-smoking man of ruddy complexion
More example sentences
  • The guard's ruddy face flushed and he looked away.
  • Brown eyes stare back at me from beneath black eyebrows above a ruddy face framed by thick black hair which melts into a long, well-groomed beard.
  • I guess my face was all ruddy and my black hair covered in snow and ice even below the fur-hat, but I wasn't paying any attention to that.
1.1Having a reddish colour: the ruddy evening light
More example sentences
  • Camp was set up in short order and soon a blazing fire lit the face of the edifice in a ruddy, wavering light.
  • His immediate impression was one of stifling heat and dim ruddy red light.
  • The desert coast gave way to the low palms of the Nile delta, and the sea turned ruddy from the fresh water flow of the great river.
2British informal Used as a euphemism for ‘bloody’: young people today, they’re a ruddy shower
More example sentences
  • On the same basis, skiers should be warned that those plank things on their feet could cause them to slide downhill rather rapidly and hangmen that their gallows were a bit unsafe because of that ruddy great trapdoor.
  • I says to him, 'I'm not answering your bloody questions,' I says, 'I've already told your girl out there, I'm not going to ruddy St Mary's and that's that.'
  • ‘If anything's broken, I'm telling you, you can ruddy well pay for it’.
complete, total, utter
British informal flipping, blinking, blooming, bloody, bleeding, effing, chuffing
North American informal goddam, doggone
Australian/New Zealand informal plurry
British informal , dated bally
vulgar slang fucking, frigging
Irish vulgar slang fecking

verb (ruddies, ruddying, ruddied)

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Make ruddy in colour: a red flash ruddied the belly of a cloud


late Old English rudig, from the base of archaic rud 'red colour'; related to red.



adverb ( rare )
More example sentences
  • It's now as smooth and gleaming, and as ruddily glowing, as a freshly deforested Alpine slope at sunset.
  • I looked back up again at Vitto's ruddily handsome face, and the drops that were falling down on me.


More example sentences
  • He's tall, skinny in a beefy way like he's done a lot of hiking or running, and has a ruddiness of cheek that suggests a keen interest in outdoor pursuits.
  • She was wearing no make-up at all, though it wasn't necessary; for her skin had a natural glow, her cheeks a natural ruddiness, her lips, a natural moisture.
  • At the moment I am using a combination of a yellowish liquid foundation and a pressed base to cover the natural ruddiness of my skin type.

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