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Line breaks: sat¦ur|ated
Pronunciation: /ˈsatʃəreɪtɪd


1Holding as much water or moisture as can be absorbed; thoroughly soaked: a mass of saturated air decreases in temperature as it rises in the atmosphere
More example sentences
  • Nearly level topography, where soil usually drains poorly, may also result in surface movement of materials by water when a saturated condition in the soil causes high runoff.
  • White granite boulders were loosened from the surrounding hills, split using water saturated wooden stakes, and painstakingly shaped into building blocks.
  • Soon, almost incredibly, I saw three life-jacketed figures lift a thoroughly saturated tuxedo-wearing form onto the police boat.
soaked, soaking, soaking wet, wet through, sopping, sopping wet, sodden, dripping, dripping wet, wringing wet, drenched, streaming wet;
soaked to the skin, like a drowned rat
1.1 Chemistry (Of a solution) containing the largest possible amount of a particular solute: a saturated barium hydroxide solution
More example sentences
  • To maintain the saturated solution, add more of the distilled water or Ammonium Dichromate, always ensuring that a fine slurry of crystals is present on the bottom.
  • I held the saturated bisulfite solution at arms length and slowly added the sulfuric acid.
  • If a hot saturated sugar solution is allowed to cool slowly, the sugar comes out of solution and crystallizes on the bottom of the container.
1.2 [often in combination] Having or holding as much as can be absorbed of something: the glitzy, media-saturated plasticity of Los Angeles
More example sentences
  • In the US, an already saturated news market realised that priorities had to shift.
2 Chemistry (Of an organic molecule) containing the greatest possible number of hydrogen atoms, without carbon-carbon double or triple bonds: saturated hydrocarbons
More example sentences
  • A new nomenclature system for the linear saturated hydrocarbons is proposed.
2.1Denoting fats containing a high proportion of fatty acid molecules without double bonds, considered to be less healthy in the diet than unsaturated fats: soybeans are low in saturated fats and sodium
More example sentences
  • Most fast foods are poor in vitamins, micronutrients and fibre content but tend to be high in simple sugars, refined starches, cholesterol-raising saturated fats and sodium.
  • In fact, trans fats are considered a greater risk to health than saturated fat, which has long been associated with coronary heart disease.
  • They contain no cholesterol and are low in saturated fats and sodium.
3(Of colour) very bright, full, and free from an admixture of white: intense and saturated colour
More example sentences
  • Its low refractive index, compared with that of the pigments, cause the scattering of considerable amounts of incident light, resulting in less saturated colours.
  • The image is bright and crisp with fully saturated colours.
  • Brilliant saturated colours are allowed to interlock in these irregular, but organically shaped patches.

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