There are 2 main definitions of scone in English:

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scone 1

Line breaks: scone
Pronunciation: /skɒn/


1A small unsweetened or lightly sweetened cake made from flour, fat, and milk and sometimes having added fruit.
Example sentences
  • But what I also found tantilisingly awaiting me behind the counter was a stack of freshly baked Russian tea cakes and lemon scones, both of which I purchased and consumed in startling quantities.
  • These are accompanied by all manner of sandwiches, scones and cakes piled onto tiered stands.
  • Diane made some scones and there was fruit and such.
2Australian informal A person’s head: he tapped his scone and said, ‘off the top of my head’
More example sentences
  • When I was able, I stood up and hobbled around; similar quantities of blood were spurting out of my knee as my scone.
  • During my last prang, my helmet impacted with the tarmac with a sickening crunch: that could have been my scone.
  • My helmet whacked into the concrete with a bit of a bang, but better that the helmet does it than my scone.


There are two possible pronunciations of the word scone: the first rhymes with gone and the second rhymes with tone. In US English the pronunciation rhyming with tone is more common. In British English the two pronunciations traditionally have different regional and class associations, with the first pronunciation associated with the north of England and the northern working class, while the second is associated with the south and the middle class.


off one's scone
Australian informal Mad or crazy: a man could go off his scone this way
More example sentences
  • I was now officially off my scone with happiness.
  • I'm off my scone and I only smoked a bit.
  • A man could go off his scone this way.


Early 16th century (originally Scots): perhaps from Middle Dutch schoon(broot) 'fine (bread)'.

  • Until the 19th century the scone was known only in Scotland. The novels of Sir Walter Scott probably helped bring the word to wider notice, and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in 1886 in Kidnapped: ‘We lay on the bare top of a rock, like scones upon a girdle.’ The first scones were large round cakes made of wheat or barley and often cut into four quarters. The word is probably from early Dutch scoon broot, ‘fine bread’. Scone can be pronounced to rhyme with either gone or tone. In the US the pronunciation rhyming with tone is more common, whereas in British English the two pronunciations traditionally have different regional and class associations. The first tends to be associated with the north of England, while the second is associated with the south and is thought of as more ‘refined’.

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Definition of scone in:
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There are 2 main definitions of scone in English:

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Scone 2 Line breaks: Scone
An ancient Scottish settlement to the north of Perth, where the kings of medieval Scotland were crowned on the Stone of Destiny.

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