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1Feeling undue awareness of oneself, one’s appearance, or one’s actions: I feel a bit self-conscious parking my scruffy old car a self-conscious laugh
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  • He suffered from bad acne and was self-conscious about his appearance.
  • Tall and gangly, with a long nose and beady eyes, he was self-conscious about his appearance and despaired of ever being loved.
  • She took virtually no exercise and was self-conscious about her appearance.
embarrassed, uncomfortable, ill at ease, uneasy, nervous, tense, edgy;
2(Especially of an action or intention) deliberate and with full awareness, especially affectedly so: her self-conscious identification with the upper classes
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  • This ‘tailoring’ was not, we may be certain, particularly deliberate or self-conscious.
  • This year's prize has a secondary purpose: as a self-conscious attempt to define, by its own indefinability, the state of British art in 2002.
  • He alone supplied the deft and necessary touch of self-conscious theatrical artifice.
2.1 Philosophy & Psychology Having knowledge of one’s own existence, especially the knowledge of oneself as a conscious being: a self-conscious moral agent a self-conscious proletariat
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  • Rational beings exist not only as self-conscious centres of knowledge, but also as agents.
  • It is an interesting question whether any cognitively sophisticated, rational, self-conscious agent must experience situations of choice in this way.
  • I think that humans are the only self-conscious moral agents.



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  • Many thinkers who are not self-consciously post-modernist nevertheless subscribe to the thesis that we have reached the end of the modern era.
  • One of the self-consciously cool magazines of those gloriously heady days of the late 1990s was Business 2.0.
  • It's all self-consciously bizarre and portentous and, in places, hilarious.


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  • All I'm asking for is a little self-consciousness, a little humility.
  • Yet, there is often an embarrassed self-consciousness to this transgression of the boundary.
  • The symptoms of excessive shyness and acute self-consciousness are relatively easy to spot.

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