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sergeant major

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1A warrant officer in the British army whose job is to assist the adjutant of a regiment or battalion ( regimental sergeant major) or a subunit commander ( company sergeant major, battery sergeant major, etc.).
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  • The senior non-commissioned member of a British unit is its regimental sergeant major.
  • The former sergeant major was once the British Army's top sniper in the province and was known as a lethal shot during the height of the Ulster troubles in the 70s.
  • One of her three sons is an army sergeant major.
2A high rank of non-commissioned officer in the US army, above master sergeant and below warrant officer.
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  • The conference is open to Active and Reserve component battalion-level and above CSS leaders in the ranks of sergeant major and above and joint service equivalents.
  • For others, it may be the concept of a general officer or a sergeant major who brings ‘chosen’ subordinates up through the ranks guiding them towards the ‘good jobs’ to achieve promotions.
  • How is it going to be received by the sergeant major or the colonel who is there in the audience?
3A fish with boldly striped sides which lives in warm seas, typically on coral reefs.
  • Abudefduf saxatilis, family Pomacentridae
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  • Holding the chain railing, we followed our leader and had up-close encounters with yellow tails, sergeant majors, blue tang, trumpet fish, and other reef dwellers.
  • Blue Beach, which along with Green offers the best snorkeling - an abundance of blue tangs, queen angelfish, sergeant majors, and spotted eagle rays in the water - is a mile long, and the dirt road keeps going for three miles past it.
  • The yellowtail snappers, sergeant majors and occasional parrotfish displayed no fear of us at all.

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