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Pronunciation: /ʃeɪv


  • 1 [no object] (Of a man) cut the hair off the face with a razor: he washed, shaved, and had breakfast
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    • And when she looked closer, she could tell he had shaved, and brushed his teeth and washed his hair.
    • He can shave, drive, brush his teeth, write, dial a telephone, hold his children's hands, and feel sensations like pain and temperatures.
    • I noticed he had shaved and cut his hair so he resembled that boyish man I thought I knew three years ago.
  • 1.1 [with object] Cut the hair off (a part of the body) with a razor: she shaved her legs
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    • A ‘pet trim’ involves shaving the body and creating a pompom effect on the tail and legs.
    • And the smaltz is shocking, we had to shave our whole bodies after the screening because we'd never have been able to wash to the cheese out of our hair.
    • As a woman who does not shave her body, I have encountered many different perspectives on what women are supposed to be according to society.
  • 1.2 [with object] Cut the hair off the face or another part of the body of (someone) with a razor: his wife washed and shaved him
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    • One Friday, Claude sat as still as an angel on a church window while I brushed his hair and shaved him.
    • If it was the man who wanted a divorce, his wife could shave him and make him her slave.
    • Anyway, in the middle of my usual bath and hair shampoo routine, she gets out Dad's razor and shaves me!
  • 1.3Cut (hair) off with a razor: professional male swimmers shave off their body hair
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    • It is a good idea to have a razor available to shave off any hair that may prevent the Band-Aid from sticking.
    • The double picked up its razor and began to shave off the neglected facial hair.
    • Another favourite jape is to get the bridegroom blind drunk and then shave off all his hair, including his eyebrows and where the sun does not shine.
  • 3 [with object] Pass or send something close to (something else), missing it narrowly: Scott shaved the post in the 29th minute
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    • He then went close for the Rams but his shot narrowly shaved the crossbar.
    • He shaved the right hand post with his attempted conversion.
    • He went tantalisingly close to levelling the game when two long range penalties shaved the outside of the posts.
    touch lightly, brush, brush against, graze, glance off, kiss


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  • An act of shaving hair from the face or a part of the body: you need a shave
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    • She would not take the time to scrape her scalp clean in a shave… but her hair needed to be as short as she could manage it this day.
    • This year, three club members are growing their hair for a head shave at the event, where they can hopefully retain the title of leading fundraising team.
    • I've had my hair cut and a shave and tomorrow I'm going to grab myself a job hopefully.


Old English sc(e)afan 'scrape away the surface of (something) by paring', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schaven and German schaben.

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