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Line breaks: shelf
Pronunciation: /ʃɛlf

noun (plural shelves /ʃɛlvz/)

1A flat length of wood or rigid material, attached to a wall or forming part of a piece of furniture, that provides a surface for the storage or display of objects.
More example sentences
  • The pieces were displayed on shelves, propped against the wall, emphasizing their three-dimensionality.
  • The painters, who had promised me two days notice to remove everything from walls, shelves and large pieces of furniture, instead gave me a few hours.
  • Free-standing shelves provide excellent storage and can be taken with you when you move.
ledge, bracket, sill, rack; bookshelf, mantelshelf, mantelpiece; shelving; in a church or monasterypredella, retable
2A ledge of rock or protruding strip of land.
More example sentences
  • There were, broadly speaking, three tracts of relevant land: there is the rock shelf, which was tidal…
  • A dusty pile of sheet rock tumbled from one of the high, unsteady shelves and landed beside Barbara.
  • I pull the rope bag out and drop it on the ledge in front of my shins, padding the rock shelf so I can lean into it.
2.1A submarine bank, or a part of the continental shelf.
More example sentences
  • This problem with the sediment trap technique is probably restricted to the continental slope and shelf and will not occur over abyssal depths.
  • Recruitment patterns of these species along the shelf were then used to infer water-mass distributions along the shelf.
  • Zebra sharks are primarily bottom dwellers that live in warm shallow inland waters, of continental and island shelves.


Middle English: from Middle Low German schelf; related to Old English scylfe 'partition', scylf 'crag'.


off the shelf

Not designed or made to order but taken from existing stock or supplies: off-the-shelf software packages
More example sentences
  • This is the software you buy shrink-wrapped off the shelf or download from the Internet onto your computer.
  • You can buy software specific to an industry and specific to one need, off the shelf, without having to buy a whole package.
  • So in all probability, they took the stadium plans off the shelf.

on the shelf

1 informal No longer useful or desirable: an injury which has kept him on the shelf
More example sentences
  • And it is the self-centred ones who tend to get left on the shelf and so are the main frequenters of singles venues.
  • Until the court case settled, this IPO is on the shelf, possibly forever.
  • Keep in mind that plans are not something to write and put on the shelf.
2(Especially of a woman) past an age when one might expect to have the opportunity to marry.
More example sentences
  • And under no circumstances would I fear being past it or left on the shelf.
  • A woman has few options but to find a husband and provider in Georgian England and Bennet is determined that her girls will not be left on the shelf.
  • And she had decided to try to make the best of being left on the shelf.
unmarried, single, without a partner/spouse, without a husband/wife, unattached, on one's own; lonely, unloved, neglected
archaic sole



noun (plural shelf-fuls)
More example sentences
  • Yet in the midst of all this I also have several shelf-fuls of gifts which he will not use.
  • This section contains a shelf-ful of really good ones, both fiction (by Muslim authors) and nonfiction.
  • For instance, I have a shelf-ful of electronic gizmos - bought and paid-for - that I have never managed to make use of.


More example sentences
  • Running a trot line seems a fairly sane way to go about snagging a big fish, but in more shallow runs of the river farther downstream where the limestone has eroded under the bank to form shelf-like caves some guys take the sport a step farther.
  • The nose contains shelf-like structures called turbinates, which help trap particles entering the nasal passages.
  • Podial basins are closed cup-like or shelf-like depressions shared by sequential ambulacrals or adjacent ambulacrals and adambulacrals.

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There are 2 definitions of shelf in English:


Line breaks: shelf
Pronunciation: /ʃɛlf
Australian/NZ informal

noun (plural shelfs)

An informer.


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Inform on (someone): he never shelfed a man in his life


1930s (as a noun): probably from the phrase on the shelf 'out of the way'.

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