Definition of shove off in English:

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shove off

1 [usually in imperative] informal Go away: shove off—you’re bothering the customers
go away, depart, leave, take off, get out, get out of my sight;
go, go your way, get going, take oneself off, get moving, move off, be off, set off, set out, start out, make a start, take one's leave, decamp, duck out, take wing, walk out, walk off;
be off with you!, shoo!
informal hit the road, fly, skedaddle, split, vamoose, scat, scram, make oneself scarce, be on one's way, run along, beat it, get, get lost, push off, buzz off, clear off, skip off, pop off, go (and) jump in the lake
on your bike!, go and chase yourself!
British informal get along, push along, get stuffed, sling your hook, hop it, hop the twig/stick, bog off, naff off
North American informal bug off, light out, haul off, haul ass, take a powder, hit the trail, take a hike
Australian informal nick off
Australian/New Zealand informal rack off
South African informal voetsak, hamba
vulgar slang bugger off, piss off, fuck off
British vulgar slang sod off
literary begone, avaunt
2Push away from the shore in a boat: we shoved off into the sound toward the island
More example sentences
  • Huck finally escapes from the deserted house in the woods and finds a canoe to shove off down the river.
  • Laughing angrily at herself, she jumped into the rough boat and shoved off.
  • I suddenly made up my mind, and with a few quick steps I was beside the boat, tossing in my buckets and shoving off.
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