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Line breaks: sit|ting
Pronunciation: /ˈsɪtɪŋ


1A continuous period of being seated, especially when engaged in a particular activity: twenty pieces of music is a bit much to take in at one sitting
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  • The more calories you eat in a sitting, the more likely you are to store them as body fat.
  • He eats around 10 pounds at a sitting at least three times a week before a big match, increasing the volume each time.
  • Laser facials require eight sittings at intervals of two weeks.
1.1A period of time spent as a model for an artist or photographer: at the end of five forty-minute sittings my portrait was finished
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  • Blanch was his stand-in model between sittings with his portrait subjects, including the queen.
  • During the first few sittings, the artist must concentrate on the face and any other physical qualities, such as hands, that need special attention.
  • The portrait was completed in the artist's studio in Suffolk after five sittings in January.
2A scheduled period of time when a number of people are served a meal, especially in a restaurant: there will be two sittings for Christmas lunch
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  • The Ritz serves 300 covers a day at four sittings.
  • There were two sittings for dinner in the restaurant and shortly after boarding you were allocated your sitting and your table number which you kept with you throughout the cruise.
  • There were no sittings; passengers came to one of the ship's restaurants when they felt like it, and if a table was available, they took it.
3A period of time during which a committee or parliament is engaged in its normal business: all-night sittings of Parliament
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  • He will be the key player in the meetings of the Conference of the Presidents, which meets monthly to set out the agenda for the sittings of the European Parliament.
  • Today was the fourth time a serving US President has addressed a joint sitting of Parliament.
  • A further rebuke took place during the first sitting of parliament.
3.1 Law , British A period of time when a law court holds sessions: a special sitting of Basildon magistrates
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  • The defendant had been remanded in custody from a sitting of Wexford District Court the previous week.
  • The next available Divisional Court sittings in Brampton is May 31.
  • He was remanded in custody at a special sitting of Cork District Court yesterday, to appear again this morning.
session, meeting, assembly, plenary;
Scottish sederunt, diet;
North American & New Zealand caucus


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1In a seated position: a sitting position
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  • Slowly slide your back down the wall until you are in a sitting position, as though seated on an imaginary chair.
  • The taxi driver sits in his vehicle and watches as the other driver pulls himself out from under his motorbike and raises himself to a sitting position.
  • He refuted the skeptics by proving that a man could still make concert-stage mayhem from a sitting position.
1.1(Of an animal or bird) not running or flying.
2(Of an MP or other elected representative) current; present: the resignation of the sitting member
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  • Not only will he have to deal with the sitting representative, there are others in his party gunning for the coveted seat and a place in the House.
  • The leader is elected by the sitting members of the relevant party.
  • A number of the current sitting board members have had close associations with Mr Murdoch or his company.
3(Of a hen or other bird) settled on eggs for the purpose of incubating them.
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  • If the sitting bird's body does not completely cover the nest, heat may also be lost to the air outside the nest.
  • Nests are hidden in vegetation, each lined with an ample layer of down to cover the eggs when the sitting bird is absent.

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