There are 2 main definitions of slay in English:

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slay 1

Pronunciation: /sleɪ/

verb (past slew /sluː/; past participle slain /sleɪn/)

[with object]
1 archaic or literary Kill (a person or animal) in a violent way: St George slew the dragon
More example sentences
  • She did just that and on a day in August slew the beast, just as St. George did the Dragon.
  • ‘It looked like a big, dirty white dog,’ says motorcycle cop Paul Lucier, who slew the beast on St-Joseph.
  • In the same sector, on the evening of February 22, 2003, a dog was slain by the beast that prowls the Candelero Abajo Sector.
1.1chiefly North American Murder (someone) (used chiefly in journalism): a man was slain with a shotgun
More example sentences
  • Barnes was slain in a double murder one week before the Baltimore Ravens selected Lewis in the first round of the 1996 NFL draft.
  • Michael Mitchell had a satisfying little existence going until the tragic day his son was slain in a gangland shootout.
  • Those with less time will be better off with Andromache, the story of a woman forced to marry her husband's murderer to prevent him slaying her son.
1.2 informal Greatly impress or amuse (someone): you slay me, you really do
More example sentences
  • It's Saturday night, you want to go to the movies, every single one of them will sort of amuse you but not one of them is going to slay you.
  • One thing that slew me about Warburton's performance as the Tick: instead of the constant bluster of the cartoon voice, he would occasionally drop to a hushed tones that were pure Adam West.
  • After the title track slays you with its intro - a minute plus of sweet guitar licks - the dual, give-and-take boy-girl lead vocals will capture your heart until you're screaming along without even knowing the words.
amuse greatly, convulse with mirth/laughter, entertain greatly, make someone laugh
informal have people rolling in the aisles, make someone crack up, kill, knock dead, be the death of, wow, be a hit with
British informal crease up


Old English slēan 'strike, kill', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch slaan and German schlagen.

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There are 2 main definitions of slay in English:

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slay 2


Variant spelling of sley.
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