Definition of slob in English:

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Pronunciation: /slɒb/


1 informal A person who is lazy and has low standards of cleanliness: he’s a slob and expects others to clean up after him
More example sentences
  • We're not all lazy slobs like Channel 4 seem to want us to be.
  • They were asking for lazy, fat slobs who do nothing at home to apply.
  • Bilko's motor-pool privates were scruffy, lazy, unattractive slobs who liked to do as little work as possible, never paraded and were almost fearful of weaponry.
lout, oaf
informal slacker, couch potato, pig
British informal slummock, yob, chav
North American informal schlump, bum, lardass
archaic sloven, lurdan
2 [mass noun] Irish Muddy land.


[no object] British informal
Behave in a lazy and slovenly manner: he spent his life watching television and generally slobbing around
More example sentences
  • The general consensus is that there will be a decent chance of showers on Sunday, so Londonist's advice is to get all your beer garden drinking done by Sunday afternoon so Monday's free for a bit of hangover slobbing in front of the TV.
  • You probably had a ‘reading list’ or something that was supposed to fill your time, but you just skimmed through the most important books on your last afternoon and spent the rest of the time slobbing.
  • Susannah is probably, at this moment, slobbing about at home in fluted-sleeve, v-necked pyjamas, champagne glass in hand.



Pronunciation: /ˈslɒbɪʃ/
Example sentences
  • Things are put into perspective, the slobbish armchair critics who howl with outrage over the ‘disgrace’ of the ‘Canes need to settle down.
  • But even if a ‘laziness gene’ were discovered, it would be up to us to decide whether to submit fatalistically to our slobbish blueprint, or try to fight back.
  • You forget about the noisy love-making through rice paper-thin walls, the noisy parties, the slobbish behaviour - even if you were the main culprit all those years ago.


Pronunciation: /ˈslɒbɪʃnəs/
Example sentences
  • Not that it's unusual to have a sewing machine, but you'd think that this level of slobbishness and squalor would be difficult to reconcile with the sewing-machine-owning kind of lifestyle.
  • Perhaps it is better to characterize it as a radical, even revolutionary act: not slobbishness, but an active rejection of the slavish conformism and caste-mindedness that seems to dominate the country, today.
  • He attained this perfection of slobbishness by eating tonnes of junk food, and doing no exercise at all.


Pronunciation: /ˈslɒbi/
adjective (slobbier, slobbiest)
Example sentences
  • Some of us can get quite slobby - and others can become quite obsessive.
  • Visually, he's every inch the floppy-haired, slobby cameraman but as the film progresses it becomes obvious that Noah is anything but the standard male lead.
  • Kate's away at a family gathering today, so I'm going to have a very slobby day and watch various films.


Late 18th century: from Irish slab 'mud', from Anglo-Irish slab 'ooze, sludge', probably of Scandinavian origin.

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