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Line breaks: snappy
Pronunciation: /ˈsnapi

adjective (snappier, snappiest)

1Irritable and inclined to speak sharply; snappish: anything unusual made her snappy and nervous
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  • I'm not someone who's endlessly patient and wonderful - in fact I'm quite snappy and irritable - and I don't know if I'd like to make myself worse in that respect.
  • He'd read twice through every book in the house, and he'd become irritable and snappy.
  • I'm suddenly nervous and snappy with Dan, who is driving the support van.
2Cleverly concise; neat: snappy catchphrases
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  • For the most part though, Gilman covers all her bases, writing in snappy, clever prose that keeps the pages turning.
  • It should have clear headings, concise paragraphs and snappy sentences.
  • Dialogue is snappy and modern and peppered with expletives.
2.1Neat and elegant: a snappy dresser
More example sentences
  • He was looking snappy in his cool button-up shirt that he didn't button-up all the way, his trendy denims, and his new white shoes.
  • Quick-thinking interplay and a snappy first-time shot from Nick Davies off his back foot halved the gap.
  • Close friends insist that the idea that Elspeth has ‘groomed’ her husband is way off the mark - he was, they point out, already a snappy dresser before he met his wife.
smart, well dressed, well turned out, besuited, fashionably dressed, fashionable, stylish, chic, modish, elegant, neat, spruce, trim, dapper, debonair; Frenchsoigné
informal snazzy, natty, sharp, nifty, cool, with it
North American informal kicking, kicky, tony, fly, spiffy, sassy, stylin'
dated as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox
British informal , dated swagger
archaic trig


make it snappy

Be quick about it: into bed and make it snappy!
More example sentences
  • Well, make it snappy, because I'm not standing around here all night.
  • And make it snappy so the rest of us can go ‘Aww’ and be done with it.’
  • She looked down at her watch, ‘But make it snappy, okay?’
hurry, hurry (it) up, be quick (about it), get a move on, come along, look lively, speed up, move faster
British informal get one's skates on
British informal , dated stir one's stumps
North American informal get a wiggle on
Australian/New Zealand informal rattle your dags
South African informal put foot
dated make haste



More example sentences
  • By the mid-nineteenth century, The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, more snappily known as Shakers, has an estimated 6,000 members in 19 different communities.
  • Interestingly Schlosser's latest work, the snappily titled Chew On This, appears to be a largely regurgitated version of his previous best-selling adult exposé of the burger world, Fast Food Nation.
  • He is a set-piece specialist who dresses snappily - he even owns a clothes shop in Gothenberg - and is married to a model.


More example sentences
  • OK then, plenty of information, but I think it lacks that snappiness that slogan shirts usually have, also it's lucky I'm a big lad or the size of shirt needed for all this would drown me.
  • Everybody's on board here, and everything just sails along on the charm of its people and the snappiness of Soderbergh's rhythms.
  • The American cocker spaniel, for example, once sweet and docile, was bred indiscriminately when it became popular, and problems with health and temperament resulted; it soon gained a reputation for snappiness and instability.

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