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Pronunciation: /snuːp


[no object]
  • Investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, especially information about someone’s private affairs: your sister might find the ring if she goes snooping about (as adjective snooping) snooping neighbours
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    • The idea of the state snooping into the affairs of private citizens is anathema in a country which takes individual liberties seriously.
    • Protect your privacy and keep anyone from snooping into your information.
    • This is why she shouldn't be snooping in my private letters, for crying out loud!
    pry, enquire impertinently, be inquisitive (about), enquire, do some detective work; be curious, poke about/around, mind someone else's business, be a busybody, nose into, stick/poke one's nose in/into; interfere (in/with), meddle (in/with), intrude (on)
    informal be nosy (about), nosy
    Australian/New Zealand informal stickybeak
    investigate, explore, ferret (about/around) in, rummage in, search, delve into, peer into, prowl around, nose around/about/round, have a good look at


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  • 1A furtive investigation: I could go back to her cottage and have another snoop
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    • And if the neighbour dares to try and poke his nose in, pretending to wish me many happy returns when all he really wants is a good snoop around, he'll wish he hadn't.
    search, nose, look, prowl, ferret, poke, exploration, investigation
  • 1.1A person who furtively tries to find out information about someone’s private affairs: I start talking without admitting that I’m a professional snoop
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    • Hiring a professional snoop is a good way to find out.
    • And, as usual, the law is unlikely to catch the professional snoop.
    • Those punish snoops who pry into someone else's private affairs, anyone who publicly discloses embarrassing private facts, and publicity that shows someone in a false light.





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  • Curious and snoopy, we all watched as they both got out of their cars.
  • True the regime is snoopy and paranoid, but there is one perspective which should be taken into account by anybody who wants to start criticising them.
  • He is not a snoopy, self-righteous, trouble-making person.
eavesdropper, pryer, interferer, meddler, busybody; investigative journalist; investigator, detective, private detective, private investigator, operative; British enquiry agent
North American informal private dick, peeper, shamus, gumshoe
Australian/New Zealand informal stickybeak
informal , • dated hawkshaw, sherlock
North American dated Pinkerton


mid 19th century: from Dutch snœpen 'eat on the sly'.

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