There are 2 main definitions of sob in English:


Line breaks: sob
Pronunciation: /sɒb

verb (sobs, sobbing, sobbed)

[no object]
1Cry noisily, making loud, convulsive gasps: he broke down and sobbed like a child he sobbed himself to sleep
More example sentences
  • Now I don't care any more what other people think and now I sob out loud as well.
  • Jessica didn't want to cry again, but before she knew it she was sobbing louder than she ever had before.
  • The line repeated endlessly in my head as he screamed louder, the woman sobbing harder.
Scottish greet
informal blub, blubber, boohoo
British informal grizzle
1.1 [with object] Say while crying noisily: she sobbed out her troubles to him [with direct speech]: ‘I thought they’d killed you,’ he sobbed weakly
More example sentences
  • This, and the girls sobbing outside auditions, ‘I just wanna be famous’.
  • But above all, we have seen people dying, heard people sobbing their last words.
  • She mustered courage and sobbed out the story of her torture by the prison guard to the jail boss.


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An act or sound of sobbing: with a sob of despair she threw herself on to the bed
More example sentences
  • A louder sob came from the girl who had broke down crying.
  • I could not control it, a soft choked sob escaped from my lips.
  • Small choking sobs escaped from him as he began to cry.


Middle English: perhaps of Dutch or Low German origin; compare with Dutch dialect sabben 'to suck'.



More example sentences
  • At this juncture the movie and the short story are similar, though seeing Gretta suck her thumb when she sobbingly falls asleep after airing her remembrance creates a further dimension in the film.
  • In the police station, she sobbingly confesses her true identity.
  • ‘Tara, slow down,’ I ordered as Tara sobbingly explained something.

Definition of sob in:

There are 2 main definitions of sob in English:


Line breaks: SOB
(also s.o.b.)


North American informal
Short for son of a bitch.
More example sentences
  • He was typecast for years as a pugnacious gangster and ornery little SOB.
  • I hope you nail the SOB.
  • You're no closer to divorcing the SOB than you were two years ago.

Definition of sob in: