Definition of solidus in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsɒlɪdəs/

noun (plural solidi /ˈsɒlɪdʌɪ/)

1chiefly British another term for slash1 (sense 2 of the noun).
Example sentences
  • This latter mark has a number of aliases, being known also as the solidus, oblique or virgule, among other names.
  • The virgule or solidus is also used in the following ways.
2 (also solidus curve) Chemistry A curve in a graph of the temperature and composition of a mixture, below which the substance is entirely solid.
Example sentences
  • Although the values for the fluidus curve are identical within experimental error, the saturated lipids have a much higher degree of nonideality of mixing at the solidus curve.
  • The upper curve is the liquidus, the lower one the solidus; above the liquidus olivine is liquid, below the solidus it is solid, and between the two curves olivine and liquid coexist.
  • At temperatures between the solidus and the liquidus, an SORT phase, predominantly composed of octadecanol, coexists with a tetradecanol-enriched liquid phase.
3 historical A gold coin of the later Roman Empire.
From Latin solidus (nummus)
Example sentences
  • This mysterious funerary currency was cast in China but is an attempt to replicate a silver coin in circulation in Bactria and Northern India between 100 B.C. and 100 A.D. that was in turn a copy of a Byzantine gold coin, the solidus.
  • He established a gold coinage of 72 solidi to the pound, but the other coinage continued to depreciate.
  • Yet another day in the decline of the Empire - and like the solidus and the denarius, the US dollar gets ‘clipped’ a little more each day.


Latin, literally 'solid'.

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