There are 2 main definitions of spa in English:

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spa 1

Pronunciation: /spɑː/


1A mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties: [as modifier]: the Victorian spa town of Buxton
More example sentences
  • Karlovy Vary is a spa town famous for its mineral waters and their medicinal qualities.
  • Restoration hopes for a spa town's premier listed building are sinking following claims that it is likely to miss out on vital funding from the Government's regeneration agency.
  • Head into the wooded foothills to Badenweiler, a spa town with that mix of classical gentility, raffishness and effusive horticulture that marks the better thermal spots.
1.1A place or resort with a mineral spring.
Example sentences
  • Some of the most rapidly growing towns in the mid-nineteenth century were the very antithesis of industrial centres: these were the seaside resorts, fashionable spas, and tourist attractions, such as Rome.
  • Many of the hostages, especially children, were sent to Black Sea spas and resorts with their families.
  • Velingrad is a well-known spa and climatic resort in south Bulgaria.
1.2A commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through such means as steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage.
Example sentences
  • Many health clubs, sports centres, beauty clinics, complementary therapy centres and health spas now offer aromatherapy massage.
  • A tepidarium, rapid tanning room, hairdressing salon, spa and beauty treatment rooms complete the picture.
  • High end beauty spas and massage places are getting coach loads of visitors every day and karaoke bars are doing a roaring trade.
2 (also spa bath or pool) A bath containing hot aerated water.
Example sentences
  • The largest of the four bedrooms has a wide bay window, mirrored wardrobes and an en suite bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi spa bath.
  • Hope and Karen were reclining recently in the spa pool at the gym, relaxing in the warm water, an environment conducive to making sudden leaps of insight.
  • He was hoisted into a spa bath with the jets turned on and bubble bath added to five inches of water.


Early 17th century: from Spa.

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There are 2 main definitions of spa in English:

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Spa 2

Pronunciation: /spɑː/
A small town in eastern Belgium, south-east of Liège; population 10,549 (2008). It has been celebrated since medieval times for the curative properties of its mineral springs.
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