Definition of spurt in English:

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Pronunciation: /spəːt/


[no object, with adverbial of direction]
1Gush out in a sudden and forceful stream: he cut his finger, and blood spurted over the sliced potatoes
More example sentences
  • A stream of blood spurted out of his nose.
  • He stood clutching his neck, blood spurting out in pumps, a look of shock upon his face.
  • The stream of water that spurted from the hose did less to douse the fire than it did to fan the flames with its accompanying rush of air.
squirt, shoot, spray, fountain, jet, erupt;
gush, pour, stream, rush, pump, surge, spew, spill, flow, course, well, spring, burst, issue, emanate;
disgorge, discharge, emit, belch forth, expel, eject
British informal sloosh
1.1 [with object and adverbial of direction] Cause to gush out suddenly: the kettle boiled and spurted scalding water
More example sentences
  • Then the pipes started to shudder, the faucet spurting dirty water into the soap-filled sink.
  • Families come carrying picnic baskets, couples stroll holding hands, mothers push babies in prams, some people simply watch birds and others stand to marvel at the fountain spurting water.
  • The lake's remarkable centerpiece is a massive, yet elegant fountain that spurts water as high as 36 feet into the air.
2Move with a sudden burst of speed: the other car had spurted to the top of the ramp
More example sentences
  • As further finds suggested Cairn had stumbled on almost a billion barrels of oil, the company's shares spurted from about £3 to £15.
  • On entering Henry Street, the car's engine revs, it spurts forward and the driver appears to lose control momentarily.
  • Year-on-year growth in output per worker spurted to 2.9 % in the second quarter.


1A sudden gushing stream: a sudden spurt of blood gushed into her eyes
More example sentences
  • A sudden spurt of blood erupted from my nose, covering my white T-shirt in blood.
  • I could see clearly the spurt of blood that gushed out on to his ear and dripped down his cheek.
  • She choked, coughing up thin spurts of blood.
squirt, spray, fountain, jet, spout;
gush, outpouring, stream, rush, surge, burst, spill, flow, flood, cascade, torrent
2A sudden marked burst or increase of activity or speed: late in the race he put on a spurt and reached second place a growth spurt
More example sentences
  • Having seen off his pursuer, Turvey put on a spurt in the second half of the contest and set the race's fastest lap as he closed in on leaders Matt Howson and Sam Bird.
  • At 30 km he and Australia's Nathan Deakes put on a spurt and opened up a 50m gap.
  • Warmer weather and promises of tax cuts from the major political parties have generated a renewed spurt of activity in the Western Bay residential property market.
burst of speed, turn of speed, increase of speed, burst of energy, sprint, rush


Mid 16th century: of unknown origin.

  • flirt from mid 16th century:

    Like words such as biff (mid 19th century), bounce (early 16th century), flick [ see fillip], and spurt (late 16th century), and many others often sharing the same sounds, flirt apparently arose because it somehow ‘sounded right’ to convey the idea it represented. In the case of flirt the elements fl- and -irt probably suggest sudden movement—the original verb senses were ‘to give someone a sharp blow’, ‘to move or propel suddenly’, and ‘to sneer at’. As a noun it first meant ‘joke, gibe’, and ‘flighty girl’, with a notion originally of cheekiness rather than of playfully amorous behaviour.

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advert, alert, animadvert, assert, avert, Bert, blurt, Burt, cert, chert, concert, controvert, convert, curt, desert, dessert, dirt, divert, exert, flirt, girt, hurt, inert, insert, introvert, Kurt, malapert, overt, pert, quirt, shirt, skirt, spirt, squirt, Sturt, subvert, vert, wort, yurt

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