Definition of standing in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈstandɪŋ/


[mass noun]
1Position, status, or reputation: their standing in the community a man of high social standing
More example sentences
  • For centuries, spouse selection was subject to family status and social standing.
  • All of these arguments for social equality rightly stress the importance of people's social status or public standing.
  • University status will strengthen the institute's academic reputation and international standing.
status, rank, ranking, position, social position, station, level, footing, place;
repute, reputation, estimation, stature
archaic condition, degree, report
informal clout
dated mark
1.1 (standings) The table of scores indicating the relative positions of competitors in a sporting contest: she heads the world championship standings two teams desperate to improve their league standings
More example sentences
  • Of course at the time it was Liverpool often coming out on top in the final league standings.
  • The Honda rider now has deficit of 43 points in the championship standings.
  • In the star class, Iain Percy and Steve Mitchell came in sixth in the fifth race to move to ninth in the overall standings.
2The length of time that something has lasted or that someone has fulfilled a role; duration: an inter-departmental squabble of long standing
More example sentences
  • Long-standing heartburn, especially if it isn't properly treated, may lead to complications.
  • If this bill becomes law, it could end a long-standing dispute between the EC and US over alleged WTO inconsistent tax exemptions that the US grants to certain corporations outside its territory.
  • ‘The pace and content of reform in any particular country or region would be greatly enhanced with the resolution of long-standing conflicts in the region,’ the statement said.
duration, existence, continuance, endurance, length of time, life, validity
3A stall for cattle and horses.
Example sentences
  • Converting..all the loose stalls of a stable into loose standings.


1(Of a jump or a start in a running race) performed from rest or an upright position, without a run-up or the use of starting blocks: I took a standing jump figurative they built the world’s largest advertising agency from a standing start nineteen years ago
More example sentences
  • After millennia of dreaming of flight, the human race went from a standing start at Kitty Hawk to the moon in 66 years.
  • He has quick heels certainly but most impressive is his speed and direction from a standing start - something that Robinson has yet to master.
  • The brake is applied automatically once the engine is switched off, and released automatically when the car moves off from a standing start.
2Remaining in force or use; permanent: he has a standing invitation to visit them a standing army
More example sentences
  • The army's standing field forces consist of three mechanized brigade groups.
  • Indonesia saw the peacekeeping force as a standing army ready to go to any embattled country to help to restore civil order.
  • The force will not be a standing army but will have a permanent headquarters in Brussels and will be formed at short notice.
permanent, perpetual, everlasting, continuing, abiding, constant, fixed, indefinite, open-ended;
regular, repeated
3(Of water) stagnant or still: standing water will also freeze in winter
More example sentences
  • Mold growth should be suspected wherever there are water stains, standing water or moist surfaces.
  • Police say heavy rain and standing water on the road surface may have been a contributory factor in the collision.
  • With deep, standing water on many major and minor roads, driving conditions were hazardous and there were disruptions to rail services in many areas.
stagnant, still, motionless, immobile, inert, lifeless, dead, slack, static, stationary
4 Printing (Of metal type) kept set up after use.
Example sentences
  • This homogeneity extended to the variants in the standing type..but not to their pages of reset type.
  • During almost the entire period, the lack of type continued to be a problem in typesetting, so that working with standing type was almost impossible and every new issue had to be composed anew.



all standing

Sailing (Chiefly with reference to a boat’s stopping) without time to lower the sails: Passion Flower brought up all standing with a crash
More example sentences
  • The US nuclear submarine USS San Fransisco en route to Brisbane Australia, for a port visit, came up all standing on Saturday, the 8th. of January 2005, when it ran into an underwater mountain about 350 miles south of Guam.

in good standing

In favour or on good terms with someone: the companies wanted to stay in good standing with the government
More example sentences
  • The accused had a promising career as a supervisor at a manufacturing plant, was a member in good standing at his local Evangelical church, and was a part-time student at College of DuPage.
  • Soho House aspirants must be nominated by two members in good standing before submitting their application to a strict committee, which meets just once every three months.
  • She did not leave in good standing with the rest of the judges.

leave someone/thing standing

informal Be much better or make much faster progress than someone or something else: in the personal fitness stakes he left her standing
More example sentences
  • With little time left, Jones passed to Haines who delivered a powerful shot that left the keeper standing.
  • Actually, in the froideur league, MacBain was left standing by Cate Blanchett, who turned up for about five minutes to open the Australian pavilion.
  • In the world championship final in Paris she was left standing by a 67-second lap.

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