Definition of step something up in English:

step something up

1Increase the amount, speed, or intensity of something: police decided to step up security plans for the match
More example sentences
  • From there he drove to his home in Glasgow's west end where his security will be stepped up.
  • Security patrols have been stepped up in the border area.
  • And as the government steps up its efforts to join the euro we can expect more traders sell sterling in anticipation.
increase, intensify, strengthen, augment, escalate, scale up, boost
informal up, crank up
speed up, increase, accelerate, quicken, hasten
2Increase voltage using a transformer.
More example sentences
  • European machines, which operate on electrical standards different from those of U.S. machines, require transformers to step voltages up or down.
  • In the pictures you see, it's taking power from an external power supply, stepping it up in voltage, and driving a fluorescent lamp - all at an efficiency of less than 100%.
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