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Pronunciation: /strʌt


1A rod or bar forming part of a framework and designed to resist compression: a supporting strut a spindly framework of long, slender struts, girders, and bracing wire
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  • The struts of the high girders, which plunge down from the top like the tracks of a rollercoaster, are not absolutely straight.
  • Without adding much weight to a structure, struts allow it to resist bending and buckling.
  • Each wheel was carried in a fork formed by a pair of hydraulic shock absorber struts.
2 [in singular] A stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait: that old confident strut and swagger has returned
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  • Juan has that arrogant and elegant strut about him when he plays which all world-class players have.
  • True, Townsend's famous leaps across stage are more of a strut after 35 years, but the old windmill chords are still there.
  • He restored the city's confidence in local government, and this put a strut in the city's step.

verb (struts, strutting, strutted)

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1 [no object, with adverbial] Walk with a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait: peacocks strut through the grounds she strutted down the catwalk
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  • Another guy walked in, strutting towards the group.
  • Jaelyn whispered in Brooke's ear as Hugh walked, no, strutted into the room.
  • Russ waddled in a feeble stride as the daughter strutted with a youthful arrogance.
swagger, swank, parade, prance, flounce, stride, sweep;
walk confidently, walk arrogantly
North American informal sashay
rare peacock
2 [with object] Brace (something) with a strut or struts: the holes were close-boarded and strutted


Old English strūtian 'protrude stiffly', of Germanic origin. Current senses date from the late 16th century.


strut one's stuff

informal Dance or behave in a confident and expressive way: tonight you’ll be strutting your funky stuff on the dance floor next season he’ll be strutting his stuff in Europe
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  • In 1985, aged 20, she met her future husband while strutting her stuff on the dance floor and they were married four years later.
  • Elsewhere the Bratton School Dance Club strutted their stuff with Olympic and English numbers.
  • Rap music reigned in the background, and others were on the dance floor, strutting their stuff.



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  • Indeed, Harris is as much a stubborn-headed strutter as his hired front men.
  • Loewer was the club's projected No.3 strutter before missing the 2000 season with a broken leg and then shoulder surgery.
  • He was a singular strutter, the genuine article, a centre who could create on the hoof and who didn't play by numbers.


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  • Slowly and struttingly did the man of two virtues perform the whole pilgrimage of Oxford-street.
  • Yet she finds that there, too, she is manipulated and marginalised by struttingly self-important men and their simpering handmaidens.
  • Then he suddenly becomes struttingly self-confident, only to crumple when he finally faces Macduff in battle and learns the truth.

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