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Pronunciation: /stʌɪl


  • 1A particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way: different styles of management
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    • I find ‘brainstorming’ an effective way to create modifications to teaching styles and procedures.
    • In trials of different styles of patient management, surgical procedures, or alternative therapies, full blinding is often impossible.
    • Teachers with very different teaching styles and approaches can be equally effective.
    manner, way, technique, method, methodology, approach, system, mode, form, practice; Latin modus operandi
    informal MO
    type, kind, manner, variety, sort, nature, genre, vein, species, ilk, vintage, school, brand, quality, calibre, kidney; design, pattern, stamp, model, cast, grain; North American stripe
  • 1.1A way of painting, writing, composing, building, etc., characteristic of a particular period, place, person, or movement: the concerto is composed in a neoclassical style a striking feature of Swift’s style is his use of conjunctions
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    • During his lifetime, the artist went through different periods of characteristic painting styles.
    • These are some characteristics of the writing style of someone under a lot of stress or tension.
    • The series features all styles and periods of buildings, from country houses and gothic castles to a radar station and a water mill - dating from medieval times to the 20th century.
  • 1.2A way of using language: he never wrote in a journalistic style [mass noun]: students should pay attention to style and idiom
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    • The tone, the attitude, the style, the language; all have changed significantly.
    • More than the style of language has changed at the paper since then.
    • Mr Midgley criticised our website and the style of language used.
    phraseology, mode of expression, wording, language
  • 1.3 [usually with negative] (one's style) One’s usual way of behaving or approaching situations: backing out isn’t my style
  • 1.4An official or legal title: the partnership traded under the style of Storr and Mortimer
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    • With a living trust, you need to be sure all of your assets and investments are styled in the name of the trust for the rest of your life.
  • 2A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed: the pillars are no exception to the general style
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    • Distinctive styles of local pottery appear around 2500 BC along with Neolithic polished stone axes.
    • What we have here are a series of large, eight foot high canvases, generally untitled, painted in a number of styles, and appearing to hark back principally to Abstract Expressionism.
    • Maurice is a popular artist and has contributed to numerous group shows and his distinctive style will be familiar to many.
  • 2.1A particular design of clothing: his shoes were in a style that he could wear anywhere
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    • Big sleeves were in a variety of Chinese clothing styles from various dynasties.
    • This time around he went for being modern, by encompassing modern styles and techniques with Chanel's intricate classic designs.
    • What are your favorite styles or pieces of clothing that defy trends?
  • 2.2A way of arranging the hair: for a glamorous style, hair was brushed out after setting
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    • You get your hair cut in reasonable styles and accept the fact that the King is dead.
    • Barbel finished the style by curling the hair with a flat iron and applying a light holding spray.
    • Most women prefer the traditional styles of long upswept hair for adults and long braids for girls.
  • 4 Botany (In a flower) a narrow, typically elongated extension of the ovary, bearing the stigma.
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    • As the pistil emerged from the bracts, the style elongated and the stigma expanded markedly in size and, finally, became receptive to pollen.
    • Five pistils were dissected from flowers and the stigmas and styles were mounted on aluminium stubs using carbon paste.
    • This has been used previously to detect ethylene biosynthesis successfully from a variety of flowers and floral tissues including styles and during pollen tube growth.
  • 5 Zoology (In an invertebrate) a small, slender pointed appendage; a stylet.
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    • The posterior midbrain sends 9 nerve cords frontally to the outer oral styles.
    • The precise styles of claw morphology may be quite variable, but the function can be deduced and tested experimentally in the case of living forms.
    • For each type of aquatic activity we examine unique behaviors or styles of locomotion that may contribute to a decrease in energetic costs.


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  • 1Design or make in a particular form: the yacht is well proportioned and conservatively styled
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    • The car was styled by the new design team.
    • The automaker, which designed and styled the vehicle in-house at its Gentro Stile facility, decided to meet that goal by developing two completely different cars.
    • These cuts define how your pants are styled and designed in terms of fit and how they fall.
    design, fashion, tailor, make, produce
  • 1.1Arrange (hair) in a particular way: he styled her hair by twisting it up to give it body
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    • So whether you or a professional are styling your hair, it will be responsive to being brushed, curled, and combed.
    • Watch how your hair is styled, what products are used, what kind of brushes, rollers, or styling irons your hairdresser uses so that you can replicate the look yourself.
    • To finish, he styled the hair with a brush and slightly teased the bangs.


in style (or in grand style)

In an impressive, grand, or luxurious way: the opera company’s soloists will help launch the appeal in style
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  • Friends and neighbours will be out in style to give the popular singer a real big welcome.
  • It was apt that young people opened the festival in style, and also closed it in style.
  • They won their heat convincingly to obtain a favourable lane draw for their final which they won in style.



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  • The arrangement of the openings, some recessed to create terraces, reflect Zucchi's interest in the styleless, vernacular character of Venetian domestic architecture.
  • Over the last twenty years, wooden colonial houses with verandas and gardens in Noumea have disappeared, replaced by styleless buildings.
  • If they needed to be designed, his proposals were always guileless and almost styleless.


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  • Its essential stylelessness has turned critics against it as well.
  • Everything seems effortless, until you begin to concentrate on the subtlety of the modulations and what it takes to achieve them, yet the overwhelming effect is of transparency, stylelessness.
  • His stylelessness had, of course, great style.


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  • If locks are short, check out new liquid stylers.
  • They also turned out to be what the industry calls ‘heavy heat stylers’, a term that denotes the frequent use of hairdryers.
  • Rest assured because you can easily add volume with a classic styler.


Middle English (denoting a stylus, also a literary composition, an official title, or a characteristic manner of literary expression): from Old French stile, from Latin stilus. The verb dates (first in sense 2 of the verb) from the early 16th century.

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