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Line breaks: sub|ser¦vi|ent
Pronunciation: /səbˈsəːvɪənt




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  • The populace must have been cowed into submission and subservience - the church was the embodiment of the ‘fear’ of God.
  • We have much to learn from our medieval forebears, but we cannot turn to them for an ideal or example of scholarly humility or subservience.
  • Interviewers arrogate to themselves the right to ask questions, implicitly placing their interviewees in a position of subservience or inferiority.


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  • This understanding of the physical significance of cosmic subserviency to humanity is also apparent in his explanation of verses 32-33 of surah Ibrahim and verse 20 of surah Luqman.
  • Enslaved persons stood at law as ‘strictly property, to be used in subserviency to the interest, the convenience, or the will, of his owner.’
  • When Hill first ran for Congress in 1923, he promised voters that he would go to Washington and help the South out of its economic subserviency.


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  • Contrary to their high-handedness and overbearing behavior in handling cases involving powerless citizens, they subserviently knelt to pressure from the power elite, specifically influential figures in the ruling camp.
  • Others ‘play’ the leader's role by paying tremendous attention to what the leader does and by acting subserviently toward that person.
  • Bryan stepped in, bowed subserviently to Jason (also his employer) and left the tray he held on the small circular table I knelt next to.


mid 17th century: from Latin subservient- 'subjecting to, complying with', from the verb subservire (see subserve).

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