Definition of swap in English:

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Pronunciation: /swɒp/
(also swop)

verb (swaps, swapping, swapped)

[with object]
1Take part in an exchange of: we swapped phone numbers I’d swap places with you any day [no object]: I was wondering if you’d like to swap with me
More example sentences
  • And living in the country and being a part of a close-knit community is definitely something they wouldn't swap with their city cousins.
  • But what is annoying about a site like swaparoo is that you have to have something to swap with someone who you want something from.
  • I presume that the naming of Tommy Dunne at wing-forward is a ploy and that he'll swap with Paul Kelly and come into midfield.
bandy, exchange, trade, reciprocate, pass back and forth, give and take
1.1Give (one thing) and receive something else in exchange: swap one of your sandwiches for a cheese and pickle?
More example sentences
  • This time they swapped their preferred beauty parade for some concerted tight exchanges, of which Mealamu's try was the icing.
  • Yorkshire Water employees seem to be making a habit of swopping their suits for T-shirts, jeans and wellies, and getting plastered in paint or mud.
  • The Prikazka salad also had an appealing look, so I couldn't resist swopping my plate with one of my friends.
exchange, interchange, trade, barter, trade off, bargain, traffic;
switch, change, replace
1.2Substitute (one thing) for another: I swapped my busy life in London for a peaceful village retreat
More example sentences
  • For people destined to seethe in traffic jams or to spend hours on packed public transport every weekday, swapping the rat race for an idyllic life in the country can seem like the easy option.
  • Men use cars for business trips and long-distance commuting Many women say they would happily swap their cars for pleasant walking conditions and better public transport.
  • While the Metrolink extension has run into a funding block, transport chiefs have revealed another secret weapon in the fight to get drivers to swap their cars for public transport.


1An act of exchanging one thing for another: let’s do a swap
More example sentences
  • Over haddock and chips at Fecci's we resolved to tell the town fathers that they should do a swap with Milford Haven.
  • We were selling gas at $2.50 and we can now do a swap at $3 for the same gas, so that does not seem to be…
  • Other tactics involve deep leveraging, programme trading, swaps, arbitrage and derivatives that retail investors find difficult to master.
1.1A thing that has been or may be given in exchange for something else: I’ve got one already, but I’ll keep this as a swap
More example sentences
  • It may fuel speculation in some parts that GMG, with its extensive media interests, could be among those to offer its radio businesses in an asset swap.
  • The asset swap involves Westfield buying Stockland's Imperial Arcade for $90 million.
  • A swap of properties is effectively a disposal for tax purposes.
1.2 Finance An exchange of liabilities between two borrowers, either so that each acquires access to funds in a currency they need or so that a fixed interest rate is exchanged for a floating rate.
Example sentences
  • To hedge that risk, the company can enter into an interest-rate swap to exchange its fixed rate for a floating rate.
  • The company is best known for interest rate swaps and other municipal bond derivative transactions.
  • Apex's strategy is to purchase long-term mortgages, leverage them, fund them in a reverse repurchase agreement market, and hedge them with interest rate swaps and U.S. Treasuries.



Example sentences
  • Consider buying a machine with swappable optical drives to let you insert a second battery, DVD or hard disk if necessary.
  • Apart from commercials, Peugeot only really used Talbot as a giant swappable spares bin.
  • The paper shades are swappable, and new designs will be released periodically.


Example sentences
  • The growth in the cost of living will mean that money will become a key driver in choices of profession, especially for career swappers.
  • Some 60% of those in the sample say they do not think the Recording Industry Association of America's suits against online music swappers will benefit musicians and songwriters.
  • A forthcoming copyright bill backed by key U.S. senators would place file swappers in prison for up to three years if they have a copy of even one prerelease movie in their shared folders.


Middle English (originally in the sense 'throw forcibly'): probably imitative of a resounding blow. Current senses have arisen from an early use meaning 'strike hands as a token of agreement'.

  • This word was originally used in the sense ‘throw forcibly’. It is probably imitative of a resounding blow. Current senses have arisen from an early use meaning ‘strike hands as a token of agreement’.

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