Definition of sweeten in English:


Line breaks: sweet¦en
Pronunciation: /ˈswiːt(ə)n


1Make or become sweet or sweeter, especially in taste: [with object]: a cup of coffee sweetened with saccharin [no object]: her smile sweetened
More example sentences
  • Add 1 cup whipping cream, whipped and sweetened to taste
  • Stabilise wine with Potassium Sorbate at the final racking, sweeten to taste, then bottle.
  • Once the juice has cooled, remove the flavourings and sweeten to taste.
make sweet, add sugar to, sugar, sugar-coat, add honey to, add sweetener to
freshen, refresh, fresh, purify, deodorize, perfume
1.1 [with object] Make more agreeable or acceptable: there is no way to sweeten the statement
More example sentences
  • The former is an agreeable and clever portrait that domesticates and sweetens its subject's subversiveness.
soften, ease, alleviate, make agreeable, relieve, mitigate, make less painful, mellow, temper, cushion;
embellish, embroider, dress up
1.2 [with object] informal Induce (someone) to be well disposed or helpful to oneself: I am in the process of sweetening him up
More example sentences
  • Catholics dominate the lower levels of the party, so to get on a young, aspiring politician has to sweeten these people.
  • Labour accused Environment Minister Martin Cullen of being like Santa Claus for trying to sweeten voters when he announces the €19.5 million urban renewal and Border grant package today.
  • The pair, who will dodge mine fields in Senegal and sweeten border officials with a supply of football T-shirts, will travel across France and Spain before catching the boat to Morocco and heading south to Banjul.


sweeten the pill

see pill1.

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