Definition of thief in English:


Line breaks: thief
Pronunciation: /θiːf

noun (plural thieves /θiːvz/)

A person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or threat of violence: thieves broke into a house on York Close car thieves the thief stole the drugs from a doctor’s surgery
More example sentences
  • They had accused her of stealing, saying she was a thief and was stealing their things.
  • A young mother was dragged to her knees by a would-be thief who tried to steal her handbag.
  • When she took the paper bag from the car the thief snatched it from her grasp and fled.
robber, burglar, housebreaker, cat burglar, shoplifter, pickpocket, sneak thief, mugger, larcenist, stealer, pilferer, poacher; embezzler, swindler; criminal, villain; kleptomaniac; raider, looter, plunderer, pillager, marauder; bandit, brigand, pirate, highwayman; Indiandacoit
informal crook, cracksman, steamer
North American informal yegg, second-story man/worker
West Indian informal tief
British rhyming slang tea leaf


Old English thīof, thēof, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dief and German Dieb, also to theft.

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