Definition of thumping in English:


Line breaks: thump|ing
Pronunciation: /ˈθʌmpɪŋ


[attributive] British informal
Of an impressive size, extent, or amount: a thumping 64 per cent majority [as submodifier]: a thumping great lie
More example sentences
  • The overwhelming majority of the population - a thumping 94 per cent - exchange presents.
  • In one area, by the council's own admission, a thumping 70 per cent of homes are eschewing wheelie bins.
  • In 1997 the Conservative majority was a thumping 11,600.
emphatic, roaring, decisive, conclusive, striking, impressive, outstanding, unmistakable, notable, noteworthy, memorable, remarkable, extraordinary, resounding, phenomenal;
complete, unqualified, out-and-out, thorough
informal whopping, whopping great, thundering, mega, jumbo, humongous, monster, astronomical, dirty great, rip-roaring
British informal whacking, whacking great, ginormous
extremely, very, really, thoroughly, exceedingly, immensely, incredibly, amazingly, remarkably, exceptionally, uncommonly, extraordinarily, perfectly, truly, simply, positive, positively, downright;
Scottish unco;
British informal damn, damned, blasted, flaming, confoundedly, jolly, hellish, bloody, blooming, dead, well, dirty
North American informal real, mighty, awful, powerful, way, bitching
South African informal lekker
informal , dated devilish, frightfully, dashed
vulgar slang fucking, frigging
archaic exceeding, thrice



More example sentences
  • How can he, who is to letter-writing as Ernie Wise was to play - writing, think that the newspaper reader is at all interested in his thumpingly boring opinions on every subject under the sun?
  • This Cabernet Sauvignon from the Medoc wine-producing district of Bordeaux is very dry and thumpingly oaky, yet delicate.
  • Once I would have thought the point above too thumpingly obvious to need making.

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