Definition of today in English:

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Pronunciation: /təˈdeɪ/


1On or in the course of this present day: she’s thirty today he will appear in court today
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  • He was remanded in custody and is due to appear before Doncaster Youth Court again today.
  • The two anti-war groups said the plan was to present a legal case to the high court in London today.
  • In court today, she described seeing a man and a dog stopped on the side of the highway.
this day, this very day, before tomorrow, this morning, this afternoon, this evening
1.1At the present period of time; nowadays: millions of people in Britain today cannot afford adequate housing
More example sentences
  • Yet I am not sure that this distinction was as accepted in the early modern period as it is today.
  • Yep, the day you give thanks for the man who made you the fully rounded fabulous human being you are today.
  • The most basic of human rights is today under threat as the right to food is sacrificed to the right to trade.
nowadays, at the present time, these days, in these times, at this time, in this day and age, now, just now, right now, currently, at present, at the present moment, at this moment in time;
in the present climate, in the present circumstances, things being what they are;
North American  presently
rare contemporarily


1This present day: today is a rest day today’s match against United
More example sentences
  • He will check on the Hearts pair in today's match against Livingston at Tynecastle.
  • It is games like today's, and those in Europe, where he learns most about his players.
  • The importance of a proper diet to footballers is widely recognised in today's game.
this day, this very day
1.1The present period of time: the powerful computers of today today’s society
More example sentences
  • In today's age why should a person be forced by law to pay for a service they may not want?
  • When you use today's computers you are constantly thinking about what you have to do next.
  • Gibson believes that today's world, and the world of the future, is different.
the present, the present day, the present time, now, the here and now, this moment, this time, this period, this age


today week

British A week from today.


Old English tō dæg 'on (this) day'. Compare with tomorrow and tonight.

  • tomorrow from Middle English:

    A word formed by the combination of to and morrow ( see morning) in the 13th century, in the same way as today and tonight. Reflections on the future include tomorrow is another day, a 20th-century variant of tomorrow is a new day, recorded from the early 16th century. ‘Tomorrow is another day’ is remembered by many as the last line of the film Gone With The Wind (1939). The proverb tomorrow never comes was foreshadowed in 1523 when Lord Berners wrote: ‘It was said every day among them, we shall fight tomorrow, the which day came never.’ See also jam

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