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(Of an outcome, especially one that is desired) possible but very uncertain: it was touch-and-go whether she could reach the pram before it overturned
More example sentences
  • Do you anticipate any additional touch-and-go maneuvers?
  • Paddling on Lake Athabasca is a bumpy, touch-and-go affair.
  • Now it seems like he probably will, though it's still very touch-and-go.
uncertain, unsure, unclear, dubious, tight, delicate;
informal hairy
British informal dodgy

noun (plural touch-and-goes)

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A manoeuvre in which an aircraft touches the ground as in landing and immediately takes off again: I tried a few touch-and-goes
More example sentences
  • He did 10 touch-and-goes on his next landing - I've never seen an airplane bounce so high so much, so far.
  • Thoroughly warm the aircraft engine by taking the plane up for some touch-and-goes or a quick trip to a local airport for the usual high-cholesterol breakfast.
  • For example, a plane that makes many flights or touch-and-goes during the year should have its landing gear lubricated.

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