Definition of triploid in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈtrɪplɔɪd/


1(Of a cell or nucleus) containing three homologous sets of chromosomes: a triploid endosperm nucleus
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  • The triploid endosperm nucleus is derived from the fusion of two polar nuclei from the female parent and one sperm nucleus from the male.
  • In this type of endosperm, which is the most common in cereals, development starts with several rounds of divisions of the triploid nucleus without cytokinesis.
  • The first stage, grain enlargement, involves early, rapid division of the zygote and triploid nucleus.
1.1(Of an organism or species) composed of triploid cells: a triploid carp
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  • Two samples from the original data set were omitted because one was from a triploid plant and the other from a tetraploid.
  • So-called triploid fish are unable to reach maturity and so are unable to breed.
  • The endosperm, a result of double fertilization in flowering plants, is a triploid tissue whose genetic composition is more complex than diploid tissue.


A triploid organism, variety, or species: this cross produces many infertile triploids
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  • Little is known about the transition from diploidy to polyploidy but in some species, triploids are thought to function as intermediates in this transition.
  • The populations showed continuous morphological variation connecting the species, but karyotypically they consisted of only three types of plants: diploids, triploids, and tetraploids.
  • Moreover, the high loads of inviable or weak aneuploid pollen produced by triploids induce high selfing rates in normally self-incompatible sexual diploids.



Example sentences
  • Although triploidy and haploidy of chromosomal regions in humans often cause viable or semiviable developmental defects, it is difficult to identify regions of the genome that are haplolethal.
  • In humans, 10% of spontaneous miscarriages are due to triploidy, but triploids of fish and amphibians can grow to adults and some species are even fixed in the triploid state.
  • Multiple gestation, gestational trophoblastic disease, triploidy, trisomy 21 syndrome, and hydrops fetalis have been associated with an increased incidence of hyperemesis gravidarum.
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