There are 2 main definitions of trog in English:

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trog 1

Line breaks: trog


British informal
A person regarded as contemptible or socially inferior.
Example sentences
  • Unlike him, I think top universities do have a duty to open more routes, but ministers should devise quotas that help the genuinely disadvantaged, the trogs of Hartlepool, not the trendies of Hampstead.
  • At the risk of sounding like one of those trogs who dwells in a cave, shouts UGH when a strange clan shows up and waves monkey femurs, and must wait 75,000 years before Nuance is discovered, I'll admit to being anti-enemy.
  • Where are all the not-yet-total trogs, but not still bling-bling homies?


1950s: abbreviation of troglodyte.

Words that rhyme with trog

agog, befog, blog, bog, clog, cog, dog, flog, fog, grog, hog, Hogg, hotdog, jog, log, nog, prog, slog, smog, snog, sprog, tautog, tog
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There are 2 main definitions of trog in English:

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trog 2 Line breaks: trog

verb (trogs, trogging, trogged)

[no object, with adverbial of direction] British informal
Walk heavily or laboriously; trudge: I left him trogging off to the tube station
More example sentences
  • He is happy to continue his apprenticeship with Gary, trogging up and down to Wales each week in the famous ‘magic bus’.
  • The guided Sicilian Volcano Hike will have you trogging up and around Etna for a couple of days, exploring craters and eerie lava fields, then cresting the summit.
  • But I haven't come along and sort of trogged around Hollywood begging for a job.


1980s: perhaps a blend of trudge or trek and slog.

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