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Pronunciation: /zɑː/
Pronunciation: /tsɑː/
(also czar or tzar)


1An emperor of Russia before 1917: [as title]: Tsar Nicholas II
More example sentences
  • The crowned heads of Europe - kings, emperors, tsars, and kaisers - still entertained each other at regattas, manœuvres, weddings, and funerals.
  • When Washington was elected President of the United States in 1789, the Holy Roman Empire still existed, France had a king, Russia had a tsar, China had an emperor and Japan had a shogun - none of which exist today.
  • The last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his czarina, Alexandra, led a contented family life with four daughters and a son.
1.1A South Slav ruler in former times, especially one reigning over Serbia in the 14th century: [as title]: the great martyr and prince of Serbia, Tsar Lazar
More example sentences
  • In the reign of the Bulgarian tsar Boris I, those territories were incorporated into several komitati (units of local authority).
  • After the sixteenth century, the tsar's court, the gentry, and wealthy merchants supported metalworking, jewelry, textile, and porcelain workshops.
  • In the 16th century the Bulgarian tsar Ivan Alexander who won a battle against the Byzantine army and made Perperikon a regional centre by appointing a governor.
2 (often czar) [usually with adjective or noun modifier] A person appointed by government to advise on and coordinate policy in a particular area: the former British drugs czar
More example sentences
  • We've heard about a lot of different czars climate czar, drug czar, now a border czar.
  • I think what Jack just said about our schools failing, we need an education czar.
  • Indeed, the government now desires a new regulatory agency under a sort of "czar for access."



Pronunciation: /ˈzɑːdəm/ Pronunciation: /ˈtsɑːdəm/
Example sentences
  • They were similar to the revolutionaries of tsarist Russia, who also had diverse views of what would happen to their country after the end of tsardom.
  • The distinctive feature of the Russian tsardom was that, after the fall of Constantinople, it was the only remaining independent Orthodox Christian principality.
  • The notion of despotism masquerading as liberation was part of the Victorian liberal stereotype of tsardom.


Pronunciation: /ˈzɑːrɪz(ə)m/
Pronunciation: /ˈtsɑːrɪz(ə)m/
Example sentences
  • But he should have considered the possibility - if only to reject it - that tsarism could have given way not to Bolshevism but to ‘liberal democracy,’ ‘social democracy’ or ‘peasant democracy.’
  • Or would the overthrow of tsarism, the establishment of a democratic republic and the beginning of the transition to socialism proceed on the basis of the growth of Russian capitalism and the emergence of a modern industrial proletariat?
  • Only the united Balkan peoples can give a real rebuff to the shameless pretensions of tsarism and European imperialism.


Pronunciation: /ˈzɑːrɪst/
Pronunciation: /ˈtsɑːrɪst/
noun& adjective
Example sentences
  • The Stalinist leadership rehabilitated prerevolutionary military and cultural figures, while championing the Soviet state as the natural heir of the tsarist empire.
  • When, in 1809, Finland became a grand duchy of the tsarist empire, the first seeds of national self-consciousness were sown.
  • The third period began with the fall of tsarist Russia in 1918.


From Russian tsarʹ, representing Latin Caesar.

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