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Definition of type in English:


1A category of people or things having common characteristics: this type of heather grows better in a drier habitat blood types
More example sentences
  • Rates for at least six common types of cancer, country by country, correlate with the consumption of animal source food.
  • Nutritionists and fitness gurus have created an entire lexicon based on fruits to describe common body types.
  • Classed as a primitive breed, they bear little resemblance to more common types of sheep with thick white fleeces.
style, description, designation, condition, quality, nature, manner, design, shape, form, pattern, rank;
brand, make, model, line, mark, generation, vintage;
North American stripe
1.1 [with adjective or noun modifier] informal A person of a specified character or nature: two sporty types in tracksuits
More example sentences
  • A strong silent type would fit the bill as this character is on stage throughout the first half but doesn't say a word.
  • But Spock is the reason I go for the strong silent unemotional type.
  • For years he was the epitome of the strong, silent type, a defensive cyborg who could count on one hand the mistakes he made in his entire career.
person, individual, character, sort
British informal bod
1.2 (one's type) informal The sort of person one likes or finds attractive: she’s not really my type
More example sentences
  • Ellie was attractive though not my type but I have to admit there was some sort of attraction.
  • "So she doesn't think I’m her type, huh?" Luke grunted as he hoisted his body up once more.
  • Are you keen on a guy but think that you're not his type?
2A person or thing exemplifying the ideal or defining characteristics of something: she characterized his witty sayings as the type of modern wisdom
More example sentences
  • The style of winemaking is very much in the big and bold French Bordeaux type.
2.1An object, conception, or work of art serving as a model for subsequent artists.
Example sentences
  • His use of sfumato and his figure types seem closer to the art of Lorenzo Lotto.
  • From these outsiders a collection of work emerged that produced the spectrum of recognisably Art Brut types.
2.2A symbol of someone or something: the dolphin is a conventional type of Christ
2.3 Theology A person or event in the Old Testament taken as a foreshadowing of someone or something in the New Testament.
2.4 Botany & Zoology An organism or taxon chosen as having the essential characteristics of its group.
Example sentences
  • Thus, the origin of the mesoderm is clearly of the deuterostome type in phoronids and brachiopods.
2.5 short for type specimen.
Image of type
3 [mass noun] Characters or letters that are printed or shown on a screen: bold type
More example sentences
  • The final paragraph of the letter, printed in bold type, made it very clear what would happen if they didn't accept.
  • Loci of noncoding markers that have possible codominant alleles are in boldface italic type.
  • As if to emphasise the point, the report prints the comment in bold type.
3.1 [count noun] A piece of metal with a raised letter or character on its upper surface, for use in letterpress printing.
Example sentences
  • Each is characterized by diagnostic pottery and metal types.
  • Suddenly, it was no longer necessary to stock separate arrays of lead type for each point size.
3.2Metal types used in letterpress printing: the first European printing of books began in 1454 with the invention of movable type
More example sentences
  • As with the Bixler pieces, printer's type was used to impress an inscription around the rim.
  • The inscriptions were created by pressing printer's type into the clay before it hardened.
4A design on either side of a medal or coin.
5 Linguistics An abstract category or class of linguistic item or unit, as distinct from actual occurrences in speech or writing. Contrasted with token.
Example sentences
  • The concepts [dog], [cat], [horse], as well as [animal], occupy the abstract domain of types.
  • These were carried out for the annotation of anaphor types and their antecedents, and for the segmentation of the dialogues into dialogue acts.
  • There we list the five basic clause types, and give an example of each.


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1Write (something) on a typewriter or computer by pressing the keys: he typed out the second draft [no object]: I’m learning to type
More example sentences
  • She answered; twirling around in her computer chair and typing in a few things I didn't care much about.
  • Then he spent ten minutes standing behind the counter typing away on his computer like a courtroom stenographer on methamphetamines.
  • He hunched over his computer screen and kept typing in commands.
2 Medicine Determine the type to which (a person or their blood or tissue) belongs: the kidney was typed
More example sentences
  • This method typically requires electromorph typing of a large number of loci from hundreds of individuals.
  • All isolates were subjected to molecular typing by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.


in type

Printing Composed and ready for printing.
Example sentences
  • At this point in history, it was the often uneducated printer who would decide which words were set in type and which were not, since he could be prosecuted by the authorities.
  • No printer would risk his skin by setting the words in type.
  • He unfortunately died in February 1897 and it soon transpired that the manuscript was not in the hands of the Club and so nothing could be set in type.



Example sentences
  • The point of departure are databases of the profiles of typal positions included in the Registry of Typal Positions, and of personal profiles defined by means of Individual Potential Analysis.
  • There are class diagrams connected to typal tasks and containing relations between objects, description of objects and their attributes.


Late 15th century (in the sense 'symbol, emblem'): from French, or from Latin typus, from Greek tupos 'impression, figure, type', from tuptein 'to strike'. The use in printing dates from the early 18th century; the general sense 'category with common characteristics' arose in the mid 19th century.

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