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Pronunciation: /ˈjuːnjən/
Pronunciation: /ˈjuːnjɪən/


1 [mass noun] The action of joining together or the fact of being joined together, especially in a political context: he was opposed to closer political or economic union with Europe [count noun]: a currency union between the two countries
More example sentences
  • The vision of a socialist economic and political union includes a single currency, but not as others know it.
  • In fact, the UK has probably passed the point of maximum political returns for joining the single currency union.
  • The point is that I also think it quite reasonable to not want to join in closer political union with the EU.
unification, uniting, joining, merging, merger, fusion, fusing, amalgamating, amalgamation, junction, coalition, combining, combination, consolidation, conjunction, confederation, federation, integration, synthesis, blend, blending, mixture, mingling, commingling
informal mash-up
1.1 (the Union) historical The uniting of the English and Scottish crowns in 1603, of the English and Scottish parliaments in 1707, or of the parliaments of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.
1.2A state of harmony or agreement: they live in perfect union
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  • They envisioned a more perfect union with freedom, liberty, justice, and equality for all Americans.
  • It's not one of denial, it's one of bringing the body and the mind into perfect unity and union.
  • Ultimately, we tear our spirits out of our bodies as our way of declaring harmonious union.
unity, accord, unison, unanimity, harmony, concord, agreement, concurrence, undividedness
1.3 [count noun] A marriage: their union had not been blessed with children
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  • But she said that while both parties consented to arranged marriages, forced unions were made under duress.
  • This strange partnership was rightly described as more of an ‘arranged marriage than a romantic union.’
  • Same-sex marriage advocates are urging MPs to defeat an anticipated motion from the Canadian Alliance defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
marriage, wedding, partnership, pairing, alliance, match, compact, affiliation, civil partnership;
coupling, intercourse, mating
formal coition, coitus, copulation
2A society or association formed by people with a common interest or purpose: [in names]: the Mothers' Union
More example sentences
  • These groups include clubs, teams, societies, unions, and centres on campus (to name but a few).
  • The society serves as a union of personalities lobbying for the success of the institution similar to the Philadelphia Orchestra.
  • I don't think there's a Turk union or association or club chapter.
association, trade union, alliance, league, guild;
coalition, consortium, combine, syndicate, confederation, federation, confederacy, partnership, fraternity, brotherhood, sorority, society, club, group, organization
2.1A trade union: [in names]: the National Farmers' Union
More example sentences
  • They have spoken to Unison branches and met trade unionists from other unions.
  • Because of the anti trade union laws the union reps couldn't call one officially.
  • It would be replaced by a system in which the faculty would be represented by a few union leaders.
2.2British An association of independent Churches, especially Congregational or Baptist, for purposes of cooperation.
Example sentences
  • In 1972 the Presbyterian church of England merged with most of the congregational unions to create the United Reform Church, but the decline in membership was not arrested.
  • Churches Together in South West York, a union of nine churches in the area, are all circulating the petition along with businesses in Micklegate.
  • The governing idea was that the agency for distributing the money should ordinarily be the Baptist unions or conventions in the recipient countries.
3 (the Union) A political unit consisting of a number of states or provinces with the same central government, in particular:
3.1The United States, especially from its founding by the original thirteen states in 1787–90 to the secession of the Confederate states in 1860-1: California is the fastest growing state in the Union when it comes to urban encroachment
3.2 (also the Federal Union) The northern states of the United States which opposed the seceding Confederate states in the American Civil War.
3.3South Africa, especially before it became a republic in 1961.
4 Mathematics The set that comprises all the elements (and no others) contained in any of two or more given sets.
Example sentences
  • In what follows, we will apply results about centroids of domains to unions of curves or line segments.
  • Consider a graph G which is formed by taking the union of k cycles.
  • Venn extended Boole's mathematical logic and is best known to mathematicians and logicians for his diagrammatic way of representing sets, and their unions and intersections.
4.1 [mass noun] The operation of forming a union.
Example sentences
  • For Blake, the fact that two sets were being operated together brought to mind another set operation, union.
  • This assembly uses simple programming and mathematical principles: Boolean, union and intersection.
  • It followed that number-theoretic operations could be explained in terms of set-theoretic operations such as intersection, union, and the like.
5A joint or coupling for pipes.
Example sentences
  • The vertical gas line comes to a T joint below the union toward the bottom side of the water heater and is connected to the top vertical opening of the T joint.
  • Split hoses can be repaired with a proper union joint or re-attach the hose to the machine.
  • Planting the union below soil level helps protect from the cold and planting the union above soil level makes it easier to detect and remove suckers.
6British historical A number of parishes consolidated for the purposes of administering the Poor Laws.
Example sentences
  • In addition, the new Act created a commission to supervise the establishment of unions of parishes in England and Wales.
  • Homfray was instituted as incumbent of the Bunclody union of parishes by Bishop Peter Barrett in St Mary's Church of Ireland on February 18.
7(In South Asia) a local administrative unit comprising several rural villages.
Example sentences
  • Ukhia thana had 5 unions; a union is a rural administrative subdivision of the thana comprising several villages.
8A part of a flag with an emblem symbolizing national union, typically occupying the upper corner next to the staff.
9 [mass noun] A fabric made of two or more different yarns, typically cotton and linen or silk.


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from ecclesiastical Latin unio(n-) 'unity', from Latin unus 'one'.

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