Definition of vanish in English:


Line breaks: van¦ish
Pronunciation: /ˈvanɪʃ


[no object]
1Disappear suddenly and completely: Moira vanished without trace
More example sentences
  • I was confident until the moment I took my turn and stood there alone in front of the class, when the lyrics suddenly vanished from my brain.
  • Her smile suddenly vanished from her face and she took a step back.
  • Her words trailed off to a whisper as she suddenly vanished into nowhere.
disappear, vanish into thin air, be lost to sight/view, be/become invisible, evaporate, dissipate, disperse, fade, fade away, melt away, evanesce, recede from view, withdraw, depart, leave, go away
1.1Gradually cease to exist: the environment is under threathedgerows and woodlands are vanishing
More example sentences
  • Adyar Creek is one such open space, which is gradually vanishing from the city map.
  • As he put more distance between him and his family, the ache in his bones gradually vanished.
  • The US corporate owners won't be needed, and their firms will gradually find their sales drying up, their market share vanishing, and their stock tanking.
come to an end, end, cease to exist/be, pass away, pass, die out, be no more, become extinct/obsolete, evaporate;
dwindle, fizzle out, peter out, wear off, become/grow less, become/grow smaller, decrease, lessen, diminish, shrink, contract, fade, wane
2 Mathematics Become zero.
More example sentences
  • In mathematics, a root (or a zero) of a complex-valued function f is a member x of the domain of f such that f(x) vanishes at x.
  • There are no non-zero harmonic forms and so by Hodge theory the first Betti number vanishes.


Middle English: shortening of Old French e(s)vaniss-, lengthened stem of e(s)vanir, from Latin evanescere 'die away'.

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