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Line breaks: ver¦ify
Pronunciation: /ˈvɛrɪfʌɪ

verb (verifies, verifying, verified)

[with object]
1Make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified: his conclusions have been verified by later experiments [with clause]: ‘Can you verify that the guns are licensed?’
More example sentences
  • The results were also verified by Northern blot analysis.
  • However, there was no way to independently verify the identity of the men killed and arrested on Saturday night.
  • Absence of the wild-type gene was also verified by PCR at this point.
substantiate, confirm, prove, show to be true, corroborate, back up, support, uphold, evidence, establish, demonstrate, demonstrate the truth of, show, show beyond doubt, attest to, testify to, validate, authenticate, endorse, certify, accredit, ratify, warrant, vouch for, bear out, bear witness to, give credence to, give force to, give/lend weight to, justify, vindicate;
informal pin down
British informal suss out
1.1 Law Swear to or support (a statement) by affidavit.
More example sentences
  • There was filed as Exhibit 10 the application verified by statutory declaration.
  • No one went through the statements from Ms Cosgrove in an attempt to verify her allegations.
  • This week, the US Supreme Court upheld an appeal court ruling that verified the original District Court verdict.


Middle English (as a legal term): from Old French verifier, from medieval Latin verificare, from verus 'true'.



More example sentences
  • Next time, he should check the real, verifiable record, rather than just spout off the convenient fiction he prefers to believe.
  • There is almost a complete absence of verifiable evidence or reasonable argument to support such sweeping claims.
  • He wants to capture scientifically verifiable evidence of spirits.


More example sentences
  • Free-wheeling, emotionally charged, verifiably un-Baroque, this was not a recreation of Bach but a distillation of his flavor.
  • For the present, let us demand that North Korea completely, verifiably and irreversibly dismantle its military program.
  • This required the IRA to definitively end all paramilitary and criminal activity and to fully and verifiably decommission its weapons.


More example sentences
  • Within days they sent two verifiers to observe Ella and we got funding before Christmas.
  • The Australian Electoral Commission has a very clever on-line electoral enrolment verifier.
  • These latter statements were the ultimate verifiers, forming the basis upon which our empirical world was constructed.

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