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Line breaks: ver|ti¦cal
Pronunciation: /ˈvəːtɪk(ə)l


  • 2Involving different levels or stages of a hierarchy or process.
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    • The human being possesses levels of reality situated in the vertical hierarchy of body, soul and spirit.
    • Scinduism must do away with the vertical hierarchy of castes and the complete plethora of superstitious beliefs.
    • Thus, the objective of this article is to empirically test the market power motive of vertical integration-a different objective from that of Bhuyan.
  • 2.1Involving all the stages from the production to the sale of a class of goods: we need more vertical cooperation between manufacturers and service providers
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    • First, I analyze prior research on the impact of vertical cooperation on firm performance and present the theoretical framework.
    • ‘Lawson continues to have good products and a good vertical strategy,’ says Sholler.
    • The vertical dimension of a cluster consists of firms with complementary products and competencies that are linked through supplier and customer relations.
  • 2.2(Especially of the transmission of disease or genetic traits) passed from one generation to the next: vertical transmission of HIV infection
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    • Vaccination in utero may reduce the vertical transmission of infectious diseases.
    • Well informed general practitioners can and should play a part in preventing vertical transmission of HIV.
    • A total of 266 knew that vertical transmission can be reduced.
  • 3 Anatomy Relating to the crown of the head.
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    • The aberrant vessel can be traced to the middle ear with an apparent absence of the right vertical carotid canal.
    • The paramedian forehead flap was centered over the supratrochlear artery in a vertical orientation.
  • 4 archaic Denoting a point at the zenith or the highest point of something.


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  • 1 (usually the vertical) A vertical line or plane: the columns incline several degrees away from the vertical
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    • Simeon shoots with a recurve bow in which the ends curve up to the vertical whereas a long bow is D-shaped.
    • The horizontal plane addressed, we now turn to the vertical.
    • Gravi-responding hypocotyls or coleoptiles can likewise show enormous variations in trajectory back to the vertical.
  • 2An upright structure: we remodelled the opening with a simple lintel and unadorned verticals
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    • Originally, this elongated oval, itself perfectly aligned with the vertical of the colonnette, would have been cut precisely in half by the diagonal of the spear.
    • It is broadly composed around two matching verticals that suggest abstract maypoles.
    • And a block down the road is the Jeppe Street Post Office, an impressive building in light grey granite with tall attractive verticals.
  • 3The distance between the highest and lowest points of a ski area: the resort claims a vertical of 2,100 metres
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    • Without the verticals of Vail or Park City, they could never develop into anything more than regional, half-year ski destinations.



Pronunciation: /-ˈkalɪti/
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  • With its height and verticality, the Climbing Wall serves as an important therapeutic metaphor.
  • But no amount of groundwork could prepare you for the verticality of the cliffs here.
  • By the mid 1920s, he brought the theme to a new pitch of verticality in the Birds in Space.


(also verticalise) verb
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  • The loop can start to roll from one plane to another, it can horizontalize, or it can verticalize so that the viewer sees only up-and-down movements.
  • More to the point, Ormus chooses an absolutely verticalized reality, one that excludes all temporal process.
  • Another decision I had to make was to verticalize each of the sales forces, because I didn't want three people calling on the same account.


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  • There can be some heart-stopping moments as you stare down, almost vertically, to the valley floor far below.
  • A house divided vertically works better than linear apartments, because soundproofing is less of an issue.
  • French children ran vertically down the hill, avoiding the tedium of the shallow angled zig-zagging path.


mid 16th century (in the sense 'directly overhead'): from French, or from late Latin verticalis, from vertex (see vertex).

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