Definition of vortex in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈvɔːtɛks/

noun (plural vortexes or vortices /ˈvɔːtɪsiːz/)

A whirling mass of fluid or air, especially a whirlpool or whirlwind: we were caught in a vortex of water figurative a swirling vortex of emotions
More example sentences
  • As this material approaches the black hole, it swirls in a vortex, like water swirling down a drain.
  • The magnetic fields of these vortices cause them to repel one another just as like-oriented magnets do.
  • The denser sand on top sinks while light sand on the bottom rises, creating swirling vortices akin to the convection rolls that are common in gases heated from below.
whirlwind, whirlpool, gyre, maelstrom, eddy, swirl, swirling, countercurrent, counterflow
literary Charybdis



Pronunciation: /ˈvɔːtɪk(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • This concept is not so simple to apply, because the average flow is affected by the unsteady vortical patterns through the Reynolds stresses.
  • Predictions of the effects of both observed vortical flow patterns and pressure distributions on the carapace were consistent with actual forces and moments measured using the force balance.
  • Detailed flow visualization in flapping foils provides a more complex picture: The vortical patterns close partially on themselves to form apparent ring loops, but the vorticity of each loop connects all the way back to the foil.


Pronunciation: /ˈvɔːtɪkli/
Example sentences
  • A discussion of a methodology for the study of heat transfer in the vortically enhanced mixing of heating and vaporizing sprays is provided.
  • As soon as pitting has started and significant current flows, the electrolyte starts to flow vortically according to the magnetohydrodynamic effect.


Pronunciation: /vɔːˈtɪsɪti/
Example sentences
  • Because of the nature of inviscid flow, these techniques are often called vortex methods because point vorticity can be used to satisfy a required non-penetrating boundary condition at the fish surface.
  • It is shown that the internal wave field modulated the vorticity field so as to satisfy conservation of potential vorticity.
  • We assumed the vortex rings to be circular and to contain all vorticity.


Pronunciation: /vɔːtɪˈkəʊs/
Example sentences
  • Additionally, it should be noted that the vorticose air motions produced by the moving parts of the machine circulate dust which is deposited on the yarns and makes them undesirably dirty.
  • This vorticose motion of the wind is called a cyclone.


Pronunciation: /vɔːˈtɪkjʊlə/
Example sentences
  • An additional stabilizing feature within our Plasma unit is the recirculation of heated mass, in a vorticular fashion within the Plasma flow.
  • The structured water is then locked into place through physical forces of vorticular motion and magnetic moments so the water clusters stabilize.
  • Sometimes, tornadoes in our area are referred to by euphemisms like ‘intense vorticular clouds’, ‘freak wind storms’, and so forth.


Mid 17th century: from Latin vortex, vortic-, literally 'eddy', variant of vertex.

  • verse from Old English:

    In his poem ‘Digging’ (1966), Seamus Heaney resolves to carry on the family tradition of digging the soil by ‘digging’ himself, not with a spade like his father and grandfather, but with a pen. The link between agriculture and writing poetry goes all the way back to the origin of the word verse, as Latin versus meant both ‘a turn of the plough, furrow’ and ‘a line of writing’. The idea here is that of a plough turning and marking another straight line or furrow. Versus is also the source of versatile (early 17th century) and version (Late Middle English), and it is based on Latin vertere ‘to turn’, from which vertebra (early 17th century), vertical (mid 16th century), vertigo (Late Middle English), and many other words such as adverse (Late Middle English), convert (Late Middle English), and pervert (Late Middle English) ‘turn bad’. Vortex (mid 17th century) is closely related. Versed (early 17th century), as in well versed in, is different, coming from Latin versari ‘be engaged in’.

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