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wade Line breaks: wade

Definition of wade in English:


[no object, with adverbial]
1Walk with effort through water or another liquid or viscous substance: he waded out to the boat
More example sentences
  • There were children building sandcastles and surfers wading out into the water carrying their surf boards under their arms.
  • Is this why my great-uncle waded ashore at Gallipoli, and my father fought in the Middle East, and my uncle spent years as a POW?
  • I set off downstream, walking, wading and scrambling, trying to stay upright on the algae-covered rocks.
informal splosh
ford, cross, traverse, walk across, make one's way across
1.1 [with object] Walk through (something filled with water): I waded ditches instead of finding easier crossing places
More example sentences
  • All the other competitors were paired up in boats, while I struggled against a howling head wind, wading the brackish water from the bank.
  • I waded the chilly waters of the Avon just above the point known as Ath na Fiann.
  • We wade the cold water, fishing for an hour in the driving rain.
1.2 (wade through) Read laboriously through (a long piece of writing): they could just click it up on screen rather than have to wade through some hefty document
More example sentences
  • However, I can resent having to wade through a piece only to come to the end and find nothing of value was said.
  • Who else would wade through every issue and still have the energy to read my column?
  • There are more than 1,500 scans of such documentation for you to wade through.
work one's way, plough, plod, trawl, proceed with difficulty, labour, toil away at, plug away at;
peruse, study;
browse, leaf, flick, skim, look, thumb
informal slog
2 (wade into) informal Intervene in (something) or attack (someone) vigorously or forcefully: Seb waded into the melee and started to beat off the boys
More example sentences
  • Eyewitnesses say they waded into the students and beat them.
  • He wades into the melee, stocky arms thrust out to separate the protagonists.
  • However, the aim of this article is not to bemoan irresponsible legislation, wade into a controversial issue or attack the ‘evils’ of our society.
attack, set upon, assault, launch oneself at, weigh into, fly at, let fly at, turn on, round on, lash out at, hit out at, fall on, jump on/at, lunge at, charge, rush, storm
British informal have a go at
get involved in, intervene in, get to work on, set to work on, tackle
2.1 (wade in) informal Make a vigorous attack or intervention: Nicola waded in and grabbed the baby
More example sentences
  • But the police waded in attacking people indiscriminately.
  • The reaction of others who heard this interview tends to confirm that listeners didn't need to have the interviewer wade in on their behalf.
  • Hundreds of armed police rushed on to the pitch and waded in as fists flew among the players.
move in, set to, set to work, pitch in, buckle down, go to it, put one's shoulder to the wheel


[in singular] Back to top  
An act of wading.
Example sentences
  • The cave is a respectable size but we didn't follow it far, since after 30m a wade degenerated into a full on swim.
  • The Bone Cave experience begins with an icy wade across the Duck River and part of the mouth of Bashaw Creek.
  • A short wade out to sea, the bottom plates, remnants of the ship's engines and boiler lie collapsed upon themselves.


Old English wadan 'move onward', also 'penetrate', from a Germanic word meaning 'go (through)', from an Indo-European root shared by Latin vadere 'go'.



(also wadable) adjective
Example sentences
  • Most of the wadable flats are near the inlets where it is sandy.
  • Mississippi streams do not offer the fly-fishing opportunities found in the West, but the state's wadeable streams provide good sport fishing of spotted and largemouth bass, longear sunfish and bluegill sunfish.
  • I stepped in and was delighted to find that the river was wadeable!

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