Definition of warmed-up in English:

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(or US warmed-over)


1(Of food or drink) reheated: a warmed-up airline meal
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  • The morning meal may consist of warmed-up leftovers from the previous evening's meal or food purchased from roadside vendors.
  • Beth enters the kitchen, feeling the blast of warmth from the oven as Clark Durand pulls out a platter of warmed-up Chinese takeout.
  • Snickers, Doritos, Little Debbie Snack Cakes: this was the expected bill of fare - or maybe warmed-up corn dogs if the owner fancied himself a master of haute cuisine.
reheated, heated up;
North American  warmed-over
2(Of an idea or product) not new or original: the memorandum is a mishmash of outmoded economic ideas and warmed-up ideals from before the war warmed-over policies from the 1990s
More example sentences
  • Some of the pressroom chatter noted that it looked like some warmed-up gossip from those investor relations conferences.
  • Yet the book also includes pieces that repeat time-worn ideas which are little more than warmed-up versions of James E. Edmonds' comments in the British official history.
  • And you thought I was just some bitter provincial pseudo-intellectual getting by on warmed-up Kingsley Amis with the odd dash of second-hand Foucault.
unoriginal, derivative, imitative, uninventive, copied, plagiarized, plagiaristic, second-hand, rehashed;
trite, hackneyed, stale, tired, worn out, flat, stock, banal, uninspired
informal old hat, hacky
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