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Line breaks: wasted
Pronunciation: /ˈweɪstɪd


1Used or expended carelessly or to no purpose: wasted fuel a wasted opportunity
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  • But not everybody was so supportive of yesterday's paper, with of the groups representing senior police officers dismissing it as a wasted opportunity.
  • I feel we've had five years of wasted opportunity.
  • I'd heard of the building, and sighed when I saw the pictures, but you really have to see it to see what a wasted opportunity it is.
squandered, misspent, misdirected, misused, dissipated, frittered away; pointless, useless, unnecessary, needless, not needed
informal blown, splurged
missed, lost, past, forfeited, neglected, squandered, bungled, gone, gone by the board
informal down the drain
1.1(Of an action) not producing the desired result: I’m sorry you’ve had a wasted journey
More example sentences
  • Unfortunately both were closed and after a wasted journey up a hill at least as steep as the steps to our room to be greeted by locked gates my partner, Karen, and I were in no mood for anymore unnecessary exertions.
  • I rang them the day before to see if i could have a telephone interview, they refused and said it wouldn't be a wasted journey as there were lots of things happening.
  • York City Ladies had a wasted journey last weekend when their game at North Ferriby was called off 20 minutes before kick-off.
2(Of a person or a part of the body) weak or emaciated: her wasted arm
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  • The madness was screaming in my ears, and I could feel my wasted body trying to force laughter, but failing and just giving out wheezing coughs.
  • She spent all her hours in a deep slumber, her hands tied to the bed so that she could not disturb the tubes that connected her wasted body to life.
  • Bardem's performance is astonishing, not so much in his ability to mimic a wasted body, but by capturing the essence of a lively intelligence.
emaciated, atrophied, withered, shrivelled, weak, weakened, frail, shrunken, skeletal, rickety, scrawny, cadaverous, wilted, faded, flagging, deteriorating, degenerative; gaunt, haggard, wizened, undernourished, starved, half-starved
3 informal Under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs: he looked kind of wasted
More example sentences
  • Jason grinned and went up to the bar to get them enough alcohol to get them completely wasted.
  • You know, some people get totally wasted, and last year there was an accident when somebody fell off a float.
  • We got really wasted and it ended up this guacamole was imported so at the end of the night we got a bill for, like, $200 just for guacamole.

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